Team management of lean UX.
  • Liu Mi Liu Mi Xinhuazhiyun Design Director 

  • Jia Hongtao

    Jia Hongtao Ziroom Design Senior Director

  • Du Xudong

    Du Xudong Mia UED Director

Team management of lean UX.

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Session E18
Meeting room VIP3-1
Time 07/20 09:00-12:00
Type Roundtable
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
keynote content
Content Introduction

From 2015 to 2018, China has developed a large number of start-up teams. In terms of user experience, design managers need to think and act over and over again on how to lead the team to grow, explore the value of design teams and reasonably apply lean design methods.
This sharing is based on the theory of lean entrepreneurship and lean UX, and focuses on the management mode of small and medium-sized entrepreneurial teams. It is suitable for managers of small and medium-sized design teams or participants with severe user experiences to listen.

The main contents of the workshop are as follows:
1. Design management cycle, which is discussed and shared step by step around these five points
1.1 Management and organization - understand the importance of lean management and team organization.
1.2 Management tools - use performance tools correctly and use rights reasonably.
1.3 Motivation - explain ways to improve personal motivation and team morale.
1.4 Design evaluation - make flexible use of evaluation methods.
1.5 Recruitment - explain interview skills and important links.
2. Lean entrepreneurship ideas

From the lean design process of hypothesis - verification - evaluation - cognition, understand the design team's workflow in this lean mode, and conduct discussions in groups on the spot.
This course focuses on sharing, discussing and interacting the management experience of design teams and the working mode of lean design, hoping to help more managers benefit from their own management experiences and methodological arrangement of lean design.

Structure and Agenda

1. Opening link, propose the concepts of lean design and team management and make everyone understand each other as soon as possible.
2. Share themes and come to themes.
3. Case introduction: the working mode of lean design teams.
4. Theory introduction: circulation process of design management and the pits stepped.
5. Discussion link: workshop grouping, restore and explain a variety of management scenarios.
6. Q&A, help the participants to organize career planning.

Target Audience

1. Managers of design and product teams
2. Designers whose career planning is to transform into management roles
3. Participants in lean design (lean UX) driving user experience

Participants Benefit

1. Gain new insight into team management and project management by understanding the nature of lean UX team and lean
2. Learn to self-management by introducing cases
3. Through the workshop, practise simulated design management and give team assessment results

Work Case
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