How to Do Well in Internet Operation Design.
  • Zhang Yong Zhang Yong Baidu Content Ecologic User Experience Department Design Manager

How to Do Well in Internet Operation Design.

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Session A2
Meeting room 402A
Time 07/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

The mature Internet industry makes operation design become an integral part in the user experience teams of Internet companies. How to do well in Internet operation design has also become one of the many difficult problems of the experience teams therewith. Based on the above-mentioned demands and 8 years of experience as a front-line employee in Internet operation design, the keynote speaker has customized a complete set of methods for Internet operation design, including the key note's summary of his industry experience, deep interpretation of excellent works and the precipitation of design methodologies.

The main contents of this workshop include:
1. Systematically explain what Internet operation design is doing, the necessity and value benefits of operation design;
2. Which are excellent Internet operation designs (open discussion), analyze the common points of excellent designs and methodologies that can precipitate (methodology explanation);
Case: Coca Cola, Imperial Palace series H5. Baidu Map H5
Tools: fishbone diagram
Methods: case study and landing (view the purpose through superficial phenomena, refine methodologies and give guidance for landing)
3. Which are the demands and pain points of Internet design, and how to solve pain points while meeting the demands simultaneously;
The main pain points:
3.1. Correspond demands to pain points (collaborative processes, scheduling and requirements changes)
3.2. Design pain points (visual creativity, degree of completion)
Tools: large whiteboard, sign pens and writing papers for different groups
Methods: group discussion-gather the main pain points-discuss solutions in different groups-summarize and give methodologies and guide homework after class
4. Design trends and future prospects of Internet operation.

Structure and Agenda

1. Introduce the background and contents of the workshop: major design works and related design concepts, industry experience
2. Theory interpretation: sharing methodologies
3. Case interpretation: solving the pain points of operation design
4. Group practice: group discussion and practical operation of topics
5. Summary and future prospects of trends

Target Audience

1. Product visual designers
2. Product operation designers
3. Product brand design
4. Product managerss

Participants Benefit

1. Clearly understand the value and benefits of Internet operation design
2. Overall improvement of project control and design output in actual operation design
3. Raise the focus on the planning of operational design, and fully and systematically understand the workflow and methods
4. Learn about visual design ideas in H5, and improve the control ability and expression techniques of visual styles

Work Case
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