Trinity Management Model
  • Cui Yingren Cui Yingren China Internet Plus Holding Ltd Director of User Experience in Shanghai

  • Wu Jiamin

    Wu Jiamin Ctrip Design Director

  • Yu Lu

    Yu Lu Hujiang UED Design Director

Trinity Management Model

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Session A5
Meeting room 402B
Time 07/18 09:00-12:00
Type Roundtable
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
keynote content
Content Introduction

This round table designed and managed this time will share with participants the management methodologies based on the actual combat management experience of a 120-person design team. The keynote speaker, with his own experience, carries out communication from the establishment of the team's design concept to the construction of methodologies of design work, and tells how to help members of the designers' team to define their own values and continue to move towards the direction of self-driving and innovation through the team’s professional management and gradual construction.
The management methodologies summarized in practical management experience mainly include:

1. Management thinking
2. Managers' triple role positioning
3. 3D team’s management model
4. Team analysis tools

The round table will help the managers of management design to make role judgments, design manager abilities and team management levels, provide the design team’s managers with practical management theories and tools, provide team managers like you with the models of extremely strong industry foreseeing abilities, standard development capabilities and innovative research capabilities to build a complete and clear design management and multi-party collaboration model, help team designers to judge the management level of the current design team and analyze their values in the team.

Structure and Agenda

1. Sharing in opening remarks: the round table shares the content introduction, icebreaking link
2. Theme sharing
3. Case sharing
4. Discussion link
5. Interactive Q&A

Target Audience

1. Design managers report to the superiors, such as product directors, VP, etc.
2. Design managers
3. Designers with more than 5 years of experience

Participants Benefit

1. Understand the patterns of various types of design teams in the industry and the management styles of the design teams
2. Design managers’ role definitions, and the value provided for the teams
3. Raise judgment standards of design teams’ management levels, and combined with his own work, ask questions and get inspirations of solutions

Work Case
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