The training and value of the overall thinking of designers
  • Wang Jie Wang Jie NetEase Product Designer

The training and value of the overall thinking of designers

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Session H12
Meeting room 301B
Time 07/22 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

I have engaged in front-end, vision, interaction, products and other jobs, and every job is calculated on an annual basis. Opening dw does not mean that I have engaged in front-end, am proficient in ps map or design and so on...... As an Internet person who has experienced many posts, I have a profound study and understanding of several posts I once engaged in. One of the hottest topics hyped last year was probably the concept of Alibaba's full-link designers. Regretfully, I don’t think I’m a full-link designer, because I have little knowledge of programs, and I can not complete the entire cycle from completing the concept of a software independently to the implementation of development. But with my experiences in various positions and pits I have encountered, I hope to be able to answer questions for most designers.

Designers no longer pay attention to the simple gradual change, but consider it necessary to adjust it 10 more times (here they don't pay attention to it relatively), instead, they need to improve the overall thinking of design and grasp the key point. Then what is the key point in product design? Generally speaking, it is the product value, and as for how to understand the value, different product evaluation dimensions are different.

In this workshop, the keynote will share with the participants rich project accumulations (involving mobile phone system, e-commerce, finance, games, etc. ), and elaborate on what is the design value of products? How can the design value be reflected in your design and let others recognize the value of your design?
Thereinto, the main contents of this workshop include:
1. Expound what is the overall thinking & value of designers
2. How to get the overall thinking of designers through training
2.1 Where to start, what do we need to do
2.2 Fine learning
2.3 Habit-forming method
3. The use of global thinking at various points of products
4. The impact of global thinking on the core product value
5. Really meet user's needs
6. Less at various points of products means more
7. How to make continuous breakthroughs and self-management
8. Complementing between operational thinking and product thinking
9. After users enter your products, they will experience everything
10. 7 items of product value core

This sharing mainly focuses on my accumulated work experiences, learning experience and difficulty solving in daily work, and we also, combined workshop practices, conduct practical exercises with participants according to their own cases, and combine practice with theory.

Structure and Agenda

1. Self-introduction of the keynote speaker & participants
2. Sharing methodologies: elaborate designers' overall thinking & value
3. Case sharing and interpretation
4. Group practices
5. Q&A

Target Audience

1. Programmers
2. Visual designers
3. Interactive designers
4. Product managers

Participants Benefit

1. Clearly recognize the value of design
2. Practice methodology for designers’ comprehensive thinking
3. The core and balance of products

Work Case
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