Practice and application of block chain thinking design in business scenes
  • Zeng Xianyu Zeng Xianyu Lenovo Senior Researcher

Practice and application of block chain thinking design in business scenes

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Session F15
Meeting room 302B
Time 07/21 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

You don't need to know the internal combustion engine before you can learn to drive. So does the block chain.
Block chain technology is as important for future business applications as internal combustion engines are for automobiles. As product managers and designers, we should not work behind closed doors or ignore the influence of new technologies. Block chain is one of the new technologies that have game changer conditions in the next 3 to 5 years, and we must pay attention to it.

Block chain is not only a technology, but also a new way of thinking. It breaks the centralized trading way that has long been relied on in trading system, and then derives the centralized distributed business logic. This completely different business thinking way breaks the basic assumption that we made products in the past. In such a business scene, systems, products and services will change along with it.

It takes time and labor to understand the routines of every industry, and we should understand the characteristics of block chain. As product managers and designers, we should not merely know and grasp what new technologies can do, but also know what impact they may have on the product forms in some scenes. The impact of new technologies on design is self-evident, just like the rapid development of the big-screen, mobile communication and so on in the past, which need product managers and designers to attach importance to all the time.

Better cooperative communication. We often say that product managers who don't know technology are not good product managers, and designers who don't know technology are not good designers. In order to communicate and cooperate better at work, both product managers and designers should keep learning new technologies.
This workshop will be a good introductory course for non-technical personnel who hope to know about and apply to the competition industries that they may face in the future ( product managers or designers).
In this workshop, we will start from a real game in which all participants can get started immediately. Through competitions and decision-making, we will learn about the concepts of block chain, bitcoin, "mining" and "Ethernet", and what they can do.
Then, the keynote speaker will use a non-technical language to explain the following concepts in a simple and easy way:
1. Public account book
2. Distributed and peer point technologies
3. Digital mark
4. Smart contract
Combined with some cases related to supply chain and retailing, the keynote speaker leads the participants to discuss whether block chain is applicable to their own industries and whether it should be used? How to use it if it is used? In this way, the keynote speaker helps the participants understand the block chain and master it flexibly.

Structure and Agenda

1. Content lead-in of the workshop: a real game in which all participants can get started immediately
2. Theory interpretation: use a non-technical language to explain block chain and combined with some cases
3. Interactive link: discuss the applicability of block chain to their own industries
4. Summary and review

Target Audience

1. Product managers
2. User experience designers
3. User researchers

Participants Benefit

1. Learn how the block chain works through games
2. Understand the application scope and nature of block chain by using cases
3. Learn about the essence of block chain, and suggest designers to explore the application possibilities of their own industries

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