From Vision to Product: Good UX needs Equally Good Design Communication
  • Dhaval Joshi Dhaval Joshi Tencent Sr. Product Manager

    Managing Product (UX) at Tencent, with foundations in Design & Research. I believe great UX is a team effort between Design, Product & Dev teams. My prior stints include Nokia Research and Microsoft.


From Vision to Product: Good UX needs Equally Good Design Communication

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Session B1
Meeting room 401
Time 07/18 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language English
Direction Design Management
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Content Introduction

Great UX starts with great Design Intent - the vision that designers have for the product experience. However as the project Execution advances , the risks of "Vision dilution" increases - as Product and development teams start making adjustments to the experience to balance technology, time and resource. The question is then "is there anything we could do- as Designers, to minimize or prevent this dilution?" Is the role of Designer limited to designing? or perhaps also to make others understand the value of Design intent?

I would like to share a examples from designing for Virtual Reality where we experimented with a process of communicating design intent in different forms in a hope to make it more understandable to the members of Product and development teams.

During the workshop, Audience will learn
- Identifying potential communication problems
- Making design vision more actionable

Note: The workshop will be in mainly in English with key points in Mandarin

Structure and Agenda

1. Introductions
2. Sharing Case study and Key learnings
3. Group Exercise
4. Sharing & Key discussion points
5. Conclusion & Summary

Target Audience

1. Design managers
2. Sr. Product managers
3. Product Strategists
4. Development Managers

Participants Benefit

1. Identifying design communication needs
2. Approaches to communicating design vision
3. Improving product UX

video introduction
Work Case
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