How to design for human desires
  • Lin Jianda Lin Jianda frog Creative Associate Director

How to design for human desires

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Session E15
Meeting room 303A
Time 07/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
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Content Introduction

In frog design, we put forward "design for organizational and social changes", and are deeply convinced that experiences more in line with humanity will bring abundant commercial value. Designers know how to design based on people's desires and expectations, and people are also educated by using new products and services, thus shaping new desires. Therefore, designers in the smart era will not be outdated, but on the contrary, they will become sexier industries.

This workshop will share how "desire" and "design" interact with each other through a large number of cases, and how the former provides an endless source of creativity.

In this workshop, we will bring to the participants the thinking flow of "provocation" method from the core of people's desires:
1. Provocation
2. Deny
3. Invert
4. Exaggeration

Help designers to challenge the accustomed restrictions of product and service experiences. This way, which is often used in frog, is quite simple and effective, and generates a large number of innovative ideas that are relevant to the theme in a short time.

In the process of brand and product innovation in different fields, the problems often observed by the designers of frog design include: how does design change people's identity? How can design establish people's trust and control over the environment? In the meanwhile, we also hope to take this opportunity to share our thoughts and practice ideas on desire and emotional design accumulated in daily design work. Welcome to have fun.

Structure and Agenda

1. Through cases, think about how to satisfy people's desires and achieve commercial success behind the design.
2. Sharing frog design's thinking and practices of subversive innovation based on human nature insights
3. Practise frog design's innovative ideas with emotional insights as its core by implementing and sharing in groups.

Target Audience

1. Thinkers who are curious about the future
2. Practitioners who encounter bottlenecks and seek inspiration in the process of design innovation
3. Product designers
4. User experience designers

Participants Benefit

1. Learn about frog design's thinking and practical methods of subversive innovation
2. Think about the social responsibility and core competence that designers need to have in the smart era
3. Practice and apply innovative thinking and methods in life and work scenes

Work Case
  • 林建达 - “激发式设计”(Provocation) 方法的思维流程
  • 林建达 - 以科技提供年长者照护而设计
  • 林建达 - 为情感和伴侣关系而设计
  • 林建达 - 为新的身份认同而设计 - Nike Foundation
  • 林建达 - 与真实世界建立关系的数字化娱乐体验
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  • 林建达 - “激发式设计”(Provocation) 方法的思维流程 15
  • 林建达 - 以科技提供年长者照护而设计 25
  • 林建达 - 为情感和伴侣关系而设计 35
  • 林建达 - 为新的身份认同而设计 - Nike Foundation 45
  • 林建达 - 与真实世界建立关系的数字化娱乐体验 55
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