How to cultivate designers' Design Vision in work?
  • Fu Song Fu Song Google Design Leader

    Google设计Leader,负责Google输入法设计。拥有10年以上用户体验设计经验。曾负责谷歌Android Android CJK输入的UI领导、谷歌翻译经理项目的UI领导,在不同的移动平台和网站设计方面有丰富的UI设计经验,经常通过各种UI项目执行和改进UI设计过程,包括需求澄清、分析、设计、评估和文档化,在跨职能团队中有较强的与他人紧密合作的能力,致力于创造创意和优化的设计,在功能和情感上产生共鸣,促进用户的日常生活。毕业于清华大学美术学院。

How to cultivate designers' Design Vision in work?

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Session I5
Meeting room 403
Time 07/22 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Have you ever encountered such problems in your work?
1. PM or engineers always use designers as their hands, not their brains;
2. The design is always modified passively;
3. Designers always don't know much about product strategies;
4. Why do PM or engineers find faults from my design?

If so, welcome to our workshop. We will interview more than 20 successful Google designers, share and summarize the reasons for their success, see what methods and capabilities they have in terms of design process, user pain points, design skills, design communication and so on, and jointly discuss and build the Design Vision of designers.
Design Vision of designers -- Influential designers should not only be experts in design or pay attention to only an ecological link, they should understand business models, users, competing products in communications, and even make efforts to predict the industry, improve their foresight and think differently.

This workshop will discuss and learn:
1. Design process: understand users' activities and purposes, and define the behaviors and problems in activities; define the design goals, design schemes, refine them repeatedly, and confirm the influence of design schemes on user activities.
2. Pain points of users: in the background of times and regions, gain insight into users' behaviors and find their needs and pain points.
3. Requirements of design skills include: the ability to understand and summarize the pattern relationship and solve problems, the ability to catch design trends keenly, the ability to actively explore and seek perfection, and the ability to communicate efficiently.
4. Design communication: designers' communication and cooperation skills can help effectively deal with information asymmetry in the process of cooperation with product managers and engineers.
Lead the participants to summarize and discuss, and help them cultivate Design Vision of designers in their work. This content includes a large number of real-life cases of Google designers, as well as the summary and sharing of the keynote speaker's more than 10 years of working experience.

Structure and Agenda

1. Share Google's successful designer cases combined with the business planning process.
2. Group discussion: design process, user pain points, design skills, design communication methods and capabilities
3. Group game interaction, get the optimization design concept pattern scheme
4. Summary and comment

Target Audience

1. Designers who are involved in the workplace for the first time;
2. Experienced designers;
3. Designers who love design but are painful at work;

Participants Benefit

1. Help the participants to build Design Vision of designers.
2. Master the design process, user pain points, design skills, design communication and other methods and skills of the workplace
3. Let you understand and digest the idea that "all needs design but it does not just mean design itself"

Work Case
  • 付崧 - Keyboard design
  • 付崧 - Keyboard design as example
  • 付崧 - keyboard design as example
  • 付崧 - keyboard design as example
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