Talk about the functional definitions of intelligent interactive robots from users' journey maps
  • Sharlene Tai Sharlene Tai Pega Design Design Director in Shanghai

  • Guo Sihan

    Guo Sihan PEGA D&E Design Manager

Talk about the functional definitions of intelligent interactive robots from users' journey maps

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Session D14
Meeting room 303B
Time 07/19 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

Nowadays, the efficiency of machines has already surpassed that of human beings in many fields, the development of artificial intelligence endows machines with deep learning abilities, which not only makes them stronger than ever before, but also fills them with temperatures and emotions.

What do we think about the influence of the changes in science and technology that permeates every aspect of life, such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, education and music? How to observe? What will technology break us down into? How to find new opportunities? Looking back, what necessary functions do the home-based companion robots need? What chicken rib functions should be discarded? The future "she" is not only the role of life housekeeper, but the intimate partner of chatting.

This workshop will show you a glimpse of technology development and future life trends of AI, and explore how they closely influence each other. The participants will have further blueprints and plans for the development of smart products in the future.
Workshop process:
1. Introduce the regression model and content analysis method that are most commonly used in trend analysis
2. PEGA observation: trends in science and technology - life trends - blueprint for smart life in the future
3. Introduce how to create user experience and surpass simple hardware design through cross-thinking and verification of smart products
4. Group practices
4.1 The host guides the use of user's journey maps, leads the team to look down on the whole life picture from users' thinking, and finds out the pain points and sweet points from it.
4.2 Find 'Moments of Truth' from horizontal time axis and vertical research dimension axis (such as explicit behaviors, inner activities and emotional feelings)
4.3 Publish outposts: grab new science and technology
4.4 Imagine smart products that can solve pain points: determine the main functions and characteristic functions of products to define products
4.5 Conditions of selections and function definitions

Structure and Agenda

1. Course background introduction and mutual understanding
2. Guide to scientific and technological trends
3. Analysis of future life trends
4. Persona with User Journey Map
5. Group creativity presentation
6. Selection and conclusion

Target Audience

1. Intelligent product development managers
2. UX / designers
3. Those who are interested in AI intelligent hardware development

Participants Benefit

1. Definition and conditions of early-stage functions of future intelligent product development
2. The entry points of innovation proposals of future intelligent products
3. Grasp the veins and observations of scientific and technological trends

Work Case
  • 戴佳琳 - 内容分析:一种使用客观的、定性分类,对任何形态,如文字、视觉图片、等传播内容进行研究分析的重要方法,是一种社会及行为科学的资料分析方法。可用与在趋势分析、现状分析、比较分析等方面。
  • 戴佳琳 - 回归预测:利用回归分析方法,根据一个或一组自变量的变动情况预测与其相关的某随机变量的未来值。在回归分析中,根据变量进行预测分析:Y表示实际问题中的因变量;X表示影响因变量的自变量
  • 戴佳琳 - 趋势洞察力模型
  • 戴佳琳 - 软硬整合设计流程
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  • 戴佳琳 - 内容分析:一种使用客观的、定性分类,对任何形态,如文字、视觉图片、等传播内容进行研究分析的重要方法,是一种社会及行为科学的资料分析方法。可用与在趋势分析、现状分析、比较分析等方面。 14
  • 戴佳琳 - 回归预测:利用回归分析方法,根据一个或一组自变量的变动情况预测与其相关的某随机变量的未来值。在回归分析中,根据变量进行预测分析:Y表示实际问题中的因变量;X表示影响因变量的自变量 24
  • 戴佳琳 - 趋势洞察力模型 34
  • 戴佳琳 - 软硬整合设计流程 44
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