Exploration of Internet Plus Product Thinking
  • Liu Hanyu(Harry) Liu Hanyu(Harry) Tencent Senior Product Manager

    Liu Hanyu (Harry), senior product manager in Tencent, and lecturer of Tencent Academy. He is the author of Deconstruction of Product Manager, published by the Electronic Industry Press in 2018.

Exploration of Internet Plus Product Thinking

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Session G12
Meeting room 302A
Time 07/21 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

Currently, user needs corresponding to pure online product applications have been increasingly satisfied, resulting in more and more difficulty for online products to obtain user amount. under such circumstances, many Internet companies have begun to explore the possibility of integrating products with traditional industries, namely "Internet Plus" products. In recent years, and in the next 5-10 years, Internet industry will take more efforts to integrate with traditional industries to create new product applications, in order to transform, to optimize, and to restructure traditional industries. Simultaneously, there will be an increasing number of product managers, designers, and traditional industry professionals who are beginning to work on the product planning and design of "Internet Plus" related products.

However, there are huge gaps between Internet and traditional industries. As employees of Internet companies, we often find that Internet thinking, such as "fast iteration", "pursuit of the ultimate", " detail exploration of user experience," is not applicable in traditional industries; similarly, when traditional industry professionals try to "embrace the Internet", they unknowingly followed traditional "functional thinking", unconsciously focusing only on "technology" and "production" while ignoring "user scenario" and "user behavior", which turns out to attract few users in spite of huge investment.

In this workshop, the speaker, will guide the audience to compare different thinking between the Internet and traditional industry, in order to understand "Internet Plus" better and learn how to plan and design "Internet Plus" products, by taking advantage of his Tencent’s experience in exploring, planning, and operating "Internet Plus" related products over the past few years.

Takeaway of this workshop
1. Brief of "Internet Plus"
2. Efficiency Improvement: Tencent Registration Platform (Case study)
3. Transformation and Reconstruction: Tencent Internet plus Ecological Hospital or Smart Retail (Case Study)
4. Perspectives and Methodology
4.1 User value is higher than user experience (Case study)
4.2 Thinking Differences between Traditional Industry and Internet: Functional Thinking VS Application Thinking (Case study)
4.3 SWOT Analysis of"Internet Plus" (Case study)

The topic of this workshop is "product thinking" and "design strategy", which focus more on the macro framework of products, and users, industry, and business logic, rather than discussing normal user interaction and visual solutions in UED departments.

Structure and Agenda

1. A brief of "Internet Plus"
2. The birth of an "Internet Plus" product (case study: Tencent Hospital Registration platform)
3. Transforming traditional industries with”Internet +”thinking (case study: Tencent Internet plus Ecological Hospital or Smart Retail)
4. Perspectives and Methodology
5. Practice and Q&A

Target Audience

1. Product Manager
2. Traditional industry professions who are interested in the Internet
3. Leaders and implementers in the traditional industry who are responsible for the "Internet transition"
4. Designers who not only focus on UI and visual design
5. Designers who want to turn to product managers

Participants Benefit

1. Obtaining practical cases from Tencent Internet plus and analysis of the derivation process
2. Understanding the thinking differences between traditional and Internet industries
3. Integrating these differences and explore a bigger world

Work Case
  • 刘涵宇 - 互联网+:更大的冰山,更复杂的逻辑
  • 刘涵宇 - 案例:功能思维与场景思维做出的产品的对比
  • 刘涵宇 - 「腾讯挂号平台」基础架构
  • 刘涵宇 - 传统行业与互联网的思维差异
  • 刘涵宇 - 用户价值与用户体验的关系
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