The way of brand design: how Sina microblog operation design empowers business
  • Li Xiang Li Xiang Weibo Brand Operation Design Center Design Director

  • Peng Zhongrui Peng Zhongrui Weibo Brand Operation Design Center Design Manager

The way of brand design: how Sina microblog operation design empowers business

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Time 07/18 14:30-16:30
Type Trip
Language Mandarin
Direction Brand Design
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Content Introduction

Microblog BODC, the full name of which is "Brand&Operation Design Center", was established in 2015, and it serves Sina microblog's vertical business lines and corporate brand projects. The team consists of nearly 40 designers and engineers with function lines including interaction, vision, brand and reconstruction.

The key product lines that BODC is responsible for include: microblog authentication, super topic, MCN, microblog finance and economics, microblog sports, Kuran video, MicroCharity, etc., and at the same time, it provides brand-based operation and creative promotion schemes for company-level activities such as Weibo Awards Ceremony, V influence summit, Superstar Weibo, let red envelopes fly, etc.

In the new era, microblog is digging deep into the vertical content field, constantly exploring the path of making business incomes, displaying its own marketing value and serving as a social marketing platform. Microblog BODC, through systematic and brand-oriented design, can better empower microblog to establish vertical business ecology.

The purpose of the conference is to help practitioners master the application and expansion of technologies, methods and strategies in emerging areas which are constantly expanding, and to learn new ways of thinking and working ways of different design teams. IXDC unites Sina microblog brand operation design center to carry out this "design tour", and explore how the team can do a good job in vertical operation design, which can contribute microblog brand with nearly 400 million monthly living users.

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Structure and Agenda

1. 14:30—15:00 Visit Sina microblog Beijing office, and feel the corporate culture.
2. 15:00—15:15 Get to know each other, icebreaking
3. 15:15—16:00 Sharing of Sina microblog operation design team: brand project design process, vertical operation design experiences
4. 16:00—16:30 Free talk link: Sina microblog operation design team interacts and exchanges with the participating teams

Target Audience

1. Brand designers
2. Product operators
3. Design team managers
4. Friends fond of Sina microblog

Participants Benefit

1. Focus on the brand design strategy of Internet social media
2. Learn how to do well in the methods of vertical operation design and make design empower business
3. Learn about how the microblog brand operation design team shows its value

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