Culture empowering IP-- new brand commercial practice
  • Wang Peng Wang Peng Zhuanzhuan Design Manager

  • Tie Xin

    Tie Xin Zhuanhuan Senior Brand Designer

Culture empowering IP-- new brand commercial practice

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Session D13
Meeting room 303A
Time 07/19 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Brand Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Under the stimulus of the current consumption upgrade, Zhuanzhuan recognizes the opportunity of brand upgrade and re-positions the brand. From the second-hand channel of 58 to Zhuanzhuan, and then to the newly upgraded second-hand trading network of Zhuanzhuan, Zhuanzhuan adheres to the related philosophy of "brand strategy + brand design + brand communication", builds a brand-new IP family image with culture empowering IP, and uses various effective voice-producing points to form a unified and multi-directional brand voice in the market. From the user's mind, it strengthens the emotional link between products and users, advocates a new lifestyle of "interest, public benefit and environmental protection", makes users feel the empathy between brand and its own culture in the process of product experience, and also makes products closer and reachable for users.

In this workshop, the keynote speaker will, in combination with the whole process of brand and IP upgrade of Zhuanzhuan second-hand trading network, analyze in depth the strategy of culture empowering brand and IP, and tell the experience of increasing temperature for products and deepening emotional communication with users at the same time:
1. Exploration and derivation of cultural theories at the beginning of brand remodeling
2. Construction of cultural and emotional connections between users and brands, and cultures in IP
3. IP family image reshaping: conveying the contents of brand story, IP image, IP personification, IP his world to users, forming brand culture values, visual perception, personality differentiation and identity, as well as a world view and subculture derivative potential to gradually reach the results of implanting cognition → capturing the user’s mind → forming fan effects
4. Create a systematic brand design model for the second-hand trading network of Zhuanzhuan
4.1 Online: through the use of IP images, UI design and original content, make operating-side thematic design, enhance product experiences, enrich the contents, and improve the emotional connection with users
4.2 Offline: build VI system, export cultural derivatives, participate in social activities for public good and conduct commercial communications and promotions to increase user brand awareness and achieve user and brand penetration.

Through learning and communication, the workshop helps the participants to understand the systematic and full-link design thinking and methods of brand design, and the entry points and fermentation points of cultures to brands.

A brand upgrade is like a drama and a picture book: there are characters, stories, feelings, dramatic conflicts, missions and destinations, but it will never be a collective self-entertainment experience of designers.

Structure and Agenda

1. Background introduction of the workshop
2. Introduction to cases and methodology (I): the review of the cultural theory exploration and derivation process of Zhuanzhuan brand remolding
3. Introduction to cases and methodology (II): the case analysis of the whole process of brand upgrading of Zhuanzhuan's second-hand trading network
4. Practice exercises: shaping IP his world - interesting brand IP story shaping
5. Interactive Q&A

Target Audience

1. Brand designers
2. Visual designers
3. Anyone interested in brand design, brand upgrade strategy or IP design

Participants Benefit

1. Learn about the valuable experience of Zhuanzhuan second-hand trading network in the process of brand upgrading
2. Learn about using cultural means to shape the basic creative ideas and practical processes of IP "his world"
3. Learn about how "culture empowering" enhances the commercial value of brands, occupy the user's mind and expand the full-link design thinking?

Work Case
  • 王鹏 - 文化赋能IP发展路径模型
  • 王鹏 - 当我们在打造IP形象时,应该输出哪些内容
  • 王鹏 - 多年品牌塑造案例——品牌
  • 王鹏 - 多年品牌塑造案例——转转
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