How to deduce and present the design schemes well.
  • Su Zhiwei Su Zhiwei Tencent ISUX Senior Visual Designer

How to deduce and present the design schemes well.

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Session H8
Meeting room 405
Time 07/22 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
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Content Introduction

At present, outstanding designers can not only draw and beautify line diagrams, but also need to package and present their own projects and works completely and show their thinking and analysis in the design process, which is also an effective way to improve the passing rates of schemes. This workshop aims at designers who want to systematically improve their scheme presenting abilities, and demonstrate the methods to improve the passing rates of design schemes by real cases, which presents schemes by designers more systematic and effective.
In this workshop, participants will understand:
1. How to do design deduction and direction positioning
2. What are the places that need special attention in scheme presentation
3. How to make the structure of the whole design scheme more reasonable?
4. What to do at the report site of design schemes

The content framework of the workshop:
1. Introduction of core methods of design scheme derivation
1.1 Introduction of presentation equations of design schemes
1.2 Conditions and objectives of equation use
1.3 Differences in using real case analysis without equations
2. How to operate and use each step of the equation, and the process of analyzing, deducing and positioning problems
2.1 The analysis of requirements includes three major areas
2.2 Introduction of methods used in the design derivation process
2.3 The positioning of problems should meet two major factors
3. How can final design scheme be valuable and innovative?
4. Which problems should be paid attention to and which effective tools should be used when presenting on site

Structure and Agenda

1. Warm-up&introducing each other
2. Theory sharing: how to do well in the derivation and presentation of design schemes
3. Interactive exercises and practices in groups
4. Comment, review and summary

Target Audience

1. UI designers
2. Brand designers
3. Operation designers
4. Interactive designers

Participants Benefit

1. Learn about the structure and context of design scheme presentation
2. Learn about the derivation methods and points for attention of schemes
3. Learn about the practices on the reporting site of design schemes

Work Case
  • 苏智威 - 案例1
  • 苏智威 - 案例2
  • 苏智威 - 方案呈现现场
  • 苏智威 - 设计提案方法
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