How user research drives Internet financial services
  • Wang Tong Wang Tong Baidu Financial User Experience Department User Research Engineer

How user research drives Internet financial services

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Session F10
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Time 07/21 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction User Research
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Content Introduction

Baidu Finance has been established for more than 2 years, and the scale of financial business has increased rapidly. There are many advantageous layouts in small cash, large-amount mortgage, B-end credit, education / cosmetic medicine and other scenarios.

Businesses with strong financial attributes, while bringing more restrictions and limitations to product experience research (we can't just consider users' single demand and user experience, but also balance experience on the basis of complying with basic industry norms and balancing basic risk control requirements), also provide wider research space for user researchers, besides research on regular customers and product design experiences, they can also drive the landing of new products and functions of businesses.

This workshop will take credit / mortgage / scene staging and other credit products as examples to present the value and drive of user research in the field of Internet finance, specifically including the following contents:
1. Research on customers’ scenario requirements and extraction of features
1.1 Discover the types of new customers with specific needs
1.2 Commonly-identifiable characteristics of different users under the same type of requirements
2. Excavation and demonstration of landing scenes of new technologies (blockchain)
2.1 Argumentation from the perspective of requirements of business, industry chain and stakeholder needs
2.2 Feasibility of landing of new technologies and deducing concrete interaction flows
3. Concrete connection between research conclusions and design plans
In the case of existing user research conclusions, disconnect and connect the specific design location for landing from the user point of view.

Through learning, participants will be able to master this set of ideas and systematic methods that combine design with user research, promote the iterative upgrade of Internet financial service experiences and reflect the value of user research in business, and inspire them to further exchange ideas, absorb and apply them to their own practical work so as to boost the overall upgrade of Internet financial product experiences together.

Structure and Agenda

1. Introduction to the basic business process of Baidu Credit
2. Case explanation: research on customers' scenario requirements and extraction of features
3. Case explanation: exploration of landing scenes of new technologies
4. Case explanation: concrete connection between research conclusions and design plans
5. Actual combat links
6. Summary and comment

Target Audience

1. User research practitioners
2. Internet financial practitioners
3. Interactive designers
4. Other persons interested in user research, finance

Participants Benefit

1. Deeply understand the basic credit business of Internet finance
2. Learn about the ideas and methods of design and research of Internet credit products
3. Learn and discuss the design thinking and power generation points in the field of Internet finance

Work Case
  • 王彤 - 百度金融场景贷
  • 王彤 - 百度金融现金贷
  • 王彤 - 租房roadmap
  • 王彤 - 医美用户特征
  • 王彤 - 新技术场景落地
  • 王彤 - 设计转化
  • 王彤 - 识别特征
  • 王彤 - 潜客探索
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