Usability evaluation theory and practical operations
  • Wang Bing Wang Bing Tencent IEG Principle of User Research

Usability evaluation theory and practical operations

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Session D1
Meeting room 401
Time 07/19 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction User Research
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Content Introduction

Usability testing is a widely accepted principle in the industry, a method used to evaluate products or systems, and the method originates from classical experimental studies, can be used to perform complex large sample tests or simple small sample qualitative tests.
In our daily work, when we implement the principles of usability testing, we often meet the following scenarios:

1. We have doubts about which are usability problems among the products.
2. We have less understanding of usability design principles
3. We are not clear about what methods are available when doing usability evaluation
4. We do not know how to implement usability testing methods as well as the main implementation points.

Usability testing needs to make flexible use of the evaluation methods according to different purposes, resources and environments instead of adhering to the theories and principles blindly. This workshop will make you have a comprehensive understanding of usability evaluation theory and practical operations, learn usability design principles and usability evaluation methods combined with cases from Tencent pan-entertainment field, such as the research on the revision of the micro official website of King of Glory, design principles of beginner guidance of RPG mobile games as well as other case studies, personally participate in the practice of the process of usability evaluation project under the guidance of the keynote speaker, and solve your doubts about usability evaluation theory from the perspective of theory and practice.

Structure and Agenda

1. Ice-breaking interaction
2. Introduction, clarifying concepts and defining the environment: what are usability problems?
3. Explain theoretical contents: what is usability? / what are usability problems? / usability design principles
4. Interpret cases and methods: usability evaluation methods
5. Practices and exercises: the process of usability evaluation projects
6. Practical exercises of usability testing
7. Comments and exchanges

Target Audience

1. User researchers
2. Interactive designers
3. Product managers

Participants Benefit

1. Learn about the concepts of usability and usability design principles;
2. Learn about the implementation processes of two main evaluation methods including expert evaluation and usability testing as well as the points for attention;
3. Learn about the process of usability evaluation projects;

Work Case
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