How to quantify user experience design
  • Zeng Wenjing Zeng Wenjing JD Finance Principle of Mobile Experience Design

How to quantify user experience design

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Time 07/22 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
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Content Introduction

At present, the boundaries of designers in the Internet environment are increasingly blurred,' full link designers',' full stack designers', 'product designers' and other new job definitions are rapidly fermenting, and in this situation, we all need to start thinking about where the boundaries of designers are; what do we need to do to be responsible for experience design; what values can a designer contribute in the life cycle of a product?

Jingdong Finance APP has always been trying to break through the boundaries of design, explore ways for interface designers to transform to experience designers, and continue to experiment which areas designers can empower when building a product, such as business objectives, user needs analysis, operation strategies, interactive experience, copy contents, online data monitoring, user feedback and so on. This process is not a conceptual creativity and cool interaction, and there are more trivial matters, the ultimate goal is to be responsible for experience design, solve problems and create needs.

This workshop will help you to understand and learn methods of designers' quantitative experience through the following three aspects:
1. Designers' boundary analysis: take everyone to think about the boundaries of designers, and help them to explore what values a designer can contribute in the life cycle of a product;
2. Case sharing of designers’ breakthrough in boundaries: understand how Jingdong Finance APP team do experience design and product iteration in an immersive way through real cases, and how to quantify the experience design before and after the process;
3. Introduction of experience quantitative model: take everyone to understand several dimensions of Jingdong Finance APP's quantitative experience and methods of monitoring and optimizing experiences.
I. Detail the quantitative experience dimensions
1. New user experience:
2. NPS
3. User feedback
4. Gold process: conversion rate
5. Health degree: 7-day retention rate
6. System performance: breakdown ratio
7. Special study
II. Methods of optimizing experiences: according to behavior data, user feedback, research and experience problems, design product schemes, launch them online and continuously monitor the effects

Structure and Agenda

1. Self-introduction, theme introduction
2. Content lead-in: analysis of designers' boundaries and understanding of designers' boundaries
3. Theory introduction: deconstructing the experience quantitative model
4. Case analysis: cases and methods on designers’ break the boundaries, use the experience quantitative model to analyze the merits and demerits of case designs, and deeply understand the quantification process.
5. Group discussion: what methods do your team use to quantify and evaluate the user experience? Discuss and collect questions.
6. Expert sharing: analyze the questions of the participants, give suggestions and solutions, and interactively answer the proposed questions
7. On-site questioning link

Target Audience

1. UI/UX designers
2. Product managers
3. Product designers

Participants Benefit

1. Learn about how designers should be responsible for experience design after breaking the boundary
2. Have a deep understanding of the value that designers can contribute during the life cycle of a product
3. Learn the methods of quantifying user experiences

Work Case
  • 曾文静 - 用户体验量化模型架构
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