Design Ieadership And Organizational Innovation
Design Management
  • Andy Ting Andy Ting beBit Partner

  • Zhou Zhi Zhou Zhi Huawei CBG Chief Experience Architect

  • Cui Yingren Cui Yingren China Internet Plus Holding Ltd Director of User Experience in Shanghai

  • He Ming

    He Ming Envision Energy UX Director 


Design Ieadership And Organizational Innovation

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Session R5
Meeting room 三楼报告厅
Time 07/20 09:00-11:50
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
Introduction of the summit

With the continuous maturity of UX industry, the design management work challenges brought by industrial upgrading are gradually improving. In today’s society, design management is not just aimed to the designers or design projects.

Design management connotations become integrated and enriched and also propose a new requirement for individual ability of design managers. From single fighting to team fighting, from professional development to horizontal connection, and from product design to industrial experience, the definition on design management in the new market form is changed into how to improve specific problems of design leadership.

This summit particularly invites 4 design team principals from different fields to deeply comprehend their unique reflection on design management, organizational management experience and unique management skills from different team forms. They will display reflection and methods on designing the leadership construction in respective teams. Meanwhile they will give Q&A interaction with participators for a long time, hoping to help employees to solve difficulties and puzzles in practical work.

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:Zhou Zhi《》
    Speaker:Zhou Zhi Huawei CBG,Chief Experience Architect

    Work Case
  • Speech 2:Andy Ting《》
    Speaker:Andy Ting beBit,Partner

    Work Case
  • Speech 3:《》
    Speaker:Cui Yingren China Internet Plus Holding Ltd,Director of User Experience in Shanghai

    The speaker will introduce how Meituan Shanghai User Experience Department( UED) can construct the design influence from 0 to 1, how can it expand the design influences from 1 to 10, and improve process and methods of decision-making speaking right, let user experience department from only supporting design work to follow up the product department to construct high trust, participate in early-stage strategic formulation, provide decision-making suggestion, complete scheme, and share strategic study analysis.

    Design the “rational” ecosystem
    Five levels from design target to interface

    Work Case
    • 崔颖韧 - 设计“理性化”的生态系统
    • 崔颖韧 - 1
Target Audience

1. Designers and design manager with more than 3 years of work experience in UX industry
2. Team managers and design directors with more than 5 years of experience
3. Vice president and CEO

Participants Benefit

1. Comprehensively know about reflection on design leadership construction and improvement in different types of teams in each field
2. Understand the specific implementation method
3. Find out problem-solving methods through field interaction

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