UX Design of Sound in Google
  • Jason Wang Jason Wang Google UX Designer

  • Steven Clark

    Steven Clark Google Nest Labs Lead Audio and Copy Designers

UX Design of Sound in Google

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Session H3
Meeting room 402A
Time 07/22 09:00-12:00
Type Roundtable
Language English
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Content Introduction

Whether for wearable devices or ordinary computers, or set-top boxes of home game consoles or living rooms or even smart homes and cars, voice interaction is very useful. iPhone ringtones, Facebook messenger sounds and the like are all very successful examples. These sounds complement vision and voice in user experience, and they are even the main interactive media in many products of Google Nest.

Relative to Siri, Alexa and other features and products dominated by voice interaction, pure sound design sounds like targeted at a "small crowd", but it is really very interesting. Sound design contains a profound craftsman spirit. In the actual design process, the sound designer will personally select the timbre and texture of instruments to compose the sounds that convey pleasing and clear messages. In addition to the artistic side, the sound designer's work also has a design side: to understand the experience scene, design the sound, carry on the design review with team members to obtain the feedback, test sounds and so on.
In this round table, Jason Wang, along with Google's first sound designer and design leader, Steven Clark, will lead the participants to appreciate the secrets of acoustic user experiences:
1. What is the acoustic user experience and what is the design process?
What is the professional background of the voice interaction designer? What skills need to be mastered?
3. The artistic and scientific natures of sound design
4. How does Nest create a human-like sound design, and how does it build the brand recognition and usability of sound design?
5. How to communicate with the product team and test the sound design?

These contents will help designers, product managers, CEOs and so on who are interested in voice smart hardware to know and master sound design, and help designers who want to transform in this aspect to quickly learn what abilities they need to possess.

This will be the first time Google's first sound designer and design leader has come to China to share Google's latest cutting-edge technology and design concepts with domestic users.

Structure and Agenda

1. Appreciate Google's sound design cases
2. Fireside chat dialogues
3. Q&A

Target Audience

1. Designers who know or are interested in sound design
2. Product team staff whose products involve the usability of sounds
3. Entrepreneurs

Participants Benefit

1. Learn about Google's sound design
2. Learn about the relationship and differences between acoustic user experience design and traditional user experience design
3. Learn to appreciate sound design

Work Case
  • Jason Wang - Nest thermostat
  • Jason Wang - Nest cam
  • Jason Wang - Nest Yale Lock
  • Jason Wang - Nest protect
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