The emotional design strategy of Bilibili
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The emotional design strategy of Bilibili

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Session F7
Meeting room 403
Time 07/21 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

When we talk about product experience, we often emphasize emotional design. To obtain users' favor, a product must not only have high-quality contents and smooth experiences, and more importantly, it needs to let the product and users have emotional exchanges. The emotional details in products will often become the bridge of emotional transmission between products and users, and this transmission of emotional details can not merely increase users' good feelings to the products, but make the products enjoy more popular support, which is conducive to the spread of the word-of-mouth of products.

Sometimes may be just a copy writing, an animation, a painted egg can impress the users so that they produce emotional resonance with the products. This is the role of emotional design in product details.

The workshop will start with the design case of Bilibili's emotional products, lead the participants to understand the nature of emotional design, the status and value of emotional design in the whole product design. In this workshop, we can learn about the emotional design process of Bilibili:
1. Identify the personalized positioning of products
2. Determine the reasonable use of scenes and user's emotional appeal
3. Consistent image expression and three-dimensional role deduction principles
4. Brainstorm emotional elements and screen combinations in a targeted manner
5. Emotional expression from the design point of view
The workshop will lead the participants to learn how to apply ‘emotional’ to practical product design through an interactive practice of combining theory and practice.

Structure and Agenda

1. Background and content introduction
2. Theory teaching: definition of requirements for emotional design
3. Theory teaching: explanation of strategies and methods of emotional design
4. Case analysis: emotional design of Bilibili APP
5. Group practices and exercices
6. Summary and review

Target Audience

1. Product designers
2. Visual designers
3. Designers who love bilibili and ACG culture

Participants Benefit

1. How to emotionally design products in combination with user needs
2. Systematically understand the strategies and processes of emotional design
3. Learn about Bilibili's unique combination of products and culture

Work Case
  • 徐超 - 哔哩哔哩APP 世界观设定
  • 徐超 - 哔哩哔哩APP 产品设计原则
  • 徐超 - 哔哩哔哩APP 关注的情感化设计
  • 徐超 - 哔哩哔哩APP 闪屏的情感化设计
  • 徐超 - 情感化设计方法流程
  • 徐超 - 情感化设计的需求定义
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