Design-driven brand upgrading - the whole process of reshaping Dianping’s brand style
  • Xu Jing Xu Jing China Internet Plus Holding Ltd Design Manager of Dazhong

  • Zhang Xinxin

    Zhang Xinxin China Internet Plus Holding Ltd Visual Design Expert

Design-driven brand upgrading - the whole process of reshaping Dianping’s brand style

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Session E16
Meeting room 303B
Time 07/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Brand Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the context of consumption upgrading, Dianping brand needs to be repositioned, a way to find a beautiful life needs to give a different brand cognition to Dianping, and finding a "beautiful life" is precisely such a cognition. It is a brand positioning tending to build brand image to convey a way of life to users.

This workshop introduces the whole-process methodology of operation design mainly through the in-depth analysis of APP's brand design cases.

1. APP brand style reshaping
Brand tonality is the fundamental cause of brand differentiation. It allows users to definitely and clearly remember and identify the personality of brands, and it is the main force to drive users to identify with, like or even love a brand.
Quoting the brand concept of Dianping is the case of "finding a wonderful life". Detailed, scenarized and simplified design languages extracted from brand keywords
2. APP design style tonality
Understand brand characters, and by extracting brand keywords and brand design languages apply them to specific designs, including brand logo, interface, icon, dynamic effect, operation chart, etc. Convey brand information to consumers in an intuitive way so as to create brand awareness, brand association and brand dependence of consumers, thus bringing more value to brands.
3. Analysis of large marketing cases of Dianping APP
Help designers learn to reshape brand boxes and establish a full APP design style tonality, taking O2O products’ reshaping the brand as an example, try to effectively communicate business gameplay and marketing in the design expression of businesses in different industries, and guide consumer decision-making.

Structure and Agenda

1. Background introduction of the workshop
2. Case and methodology introduction: full disclosure of the brand design process of Dianping APP
3. Case analysis: analysis of large marketing cases of Dianping APP
4. Practical workshop
5. Group comment

Target Audience

1. Brand designers
2. Visual designers
3. Interactive designers
4. Product managers

Participants Benefit

1. Clearly understand the whole process of reshaping APP brand style
2. How to establish a full APP design style tonality based on brand positioning
3. Methodology infiltration of the whole process of operation design

Work Case
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