Depth design of financial account system
  • Guo Wenwen Guo Wenwen Baidu Finance User Experience Department Senior Interaction Designer

Depth design of financial account system

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Session D4
Meeting room 403
Time 07/19 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

After rapid development in recent years, Chinese Internet finance has entered the stage of popular inclusion. However, "asset security" and "account security" are still the biggest worries and doubts of users during their use. Account security is the first threshold to guarantee asset security and information security. In order to contribute the development of financial business, Baidu account business changed from weak account system to financial account system at a high speed in 2017.

This workshop will deeply explore the account design under the financial system. It will share the three aspects of the splitting of experience elements, systematic thinking and divergent innovation thinking. Through this workshop, you can grasp the following design thinking:
1. Macro design thinking:
1.1 Study the entire account business in a global, dynamic, connected manner;
1.2 Dissociate the general plans and advance by analogy in the face of complex and similar experiences;
2. Micro design thinking: refine the account experience, and affect data through experience;
3. New technology thinking: rely on AI technology to improve account experience and serve hundreds of millions of users;

Structure and Agenda

1. The host's warm-up and interactive introduction
2. Theory analysis: analysis of Baidu account strategies in financial environment
3. Theory analysis: experience model building of Baidu account, building of the universal identity authentication system, building of new login experience
4. Case analysis: case discussion
5. Actual combat of schemes in groups
6. Sharing and answering questions

Target Audience

1. Interactive designers, Visual designers
2. Product managers of basic business of finance and accounts
3. User researchers

Participants Benefit

1. Deeply understand account design methods under the Internet financial system
2. Learn about systematic ways of working
3. Learn about how to make strategy upgrades through power-driven products of design
4. Learn about how to grasp the main contradiction of experience

Work Case
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  • 郭文文 - 体验工作拆解
  • 郭文文 - 体验模型推导
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