Design experience of Bilibili brand experience
  • Liu Hao Liu Hao bilibili Senior Product Designer

    Bilibili Senior Product Designer. She has 5-year user experience design and 1-year product operation experience. Before, she worked in JINGDONG user experience center, in charge of shopping chain and

  • Li Yangkun

    Li Yangkun bilibili Principle of Operations Design

Design experience of Bilibili brand experience

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Session B9
Meeting room 403
Time 07/18 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Brand Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Under the current environment, small crowd culture has gradually entered the public field of vision, from rap to ACG, and all industries are trying to use small crowd culture to strike the mass culture in order to strive for traffic and users' time. Bilibili, born in the field of ACG culture, is also facing the challenge from the small crowd to the public, wherein the change of strategies and the accumulation of experience will be shared with you in the workshop.

The workshop will start from two important stages of brand strategy of Bilibili in recent years, and combined with methods and concepts such as SEMs strategic experience module and PTC working method, share the experience of relying on culture to build brands in B station's growth, as well as the planning of improving services after strategy adjustment and building the creator's complete service design link.
In this workshop, we will learn to adjustment brand strategies and optimize workflows:

1. Design thinking of seeking theoretical support
2. Build brands to meet the cultural needs of small crowd areas
3. Design ideas of brand adjustment
3. SEMs strategic experience module
4. PTC working method
5. The planning of improving services and design links

Through this workshop, participants will learn about the design ideas of brand building in the field of culture, they may encounter the problems and solutions in the adjustment of brand strategies, and feel the cultural attributes of current young people and the brand experience they are eager to acquire.

Structure and Agenda

1. Background introduction of the workshop: analysis on Internet users of bilibili and Generation Z
2. Case analysis in the initial stage of brand building and the process of seeking theoretical support
3. Practice exercises: Building brands that meet the needs of the small crowd field
4. case analysis Adjustment of brand strategies and case analysis of optimizing brand services
5. Practice exercises: simulation training of brand strategy adjustment
6. Interactive Q&A

Target Audience

1. Brand designers
2. Visual designers
3. Designers and product practitioners who love BiliBili and ACG culture

Participants Benefit

1. Personally participate in the practice of brand adjustment
2. Access to design ideas for brand building in the cultural field
3. Learn about the experience of bilibili in the process of brand design

Work Case
  • 刘昊 - 部分子品牌与其品牌目标
  • 刘昊 - 线上线下的用户触达
  • 刘昊 - 创作者服务设计链路
  • 刘昊 - 品牌设计中目标群体的定位
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  • 刘昊 - 部分子品牌与其品牌目标 14
  • 刘昊 - 线上线下的用户触达 24
  • 刘昊 - 创作者服务设计链路 34
  • 刘昊 - 品牌设计中目标群体的定位 44
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