Systemize the value of user experience design to e-commerce platforms.
  • Liu Qian Liu Qian JD.COM Visual Design Manager

  • Janet Hong

    Janet Hong

Systemize the value of user experience design to e-commerce platforms.

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Session D3
Meeting room 402B
Time 07/19 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

According to the characteristics of e-commerce platforms and exclusive user behaviors, as well as the precipitation of platform design for many years, we put forward a systematic method of user experience design, which has obtained high-quality design output and fairly good data promotion results in the application of various Jingdong projects. It is a process that requires patience and precipitation to use the value of user experience to promote platform presentation. How to use a reasonable visual browsing to convey platform services, merchandise selection and other concepts to users, what kind of page layout will make users like to purchase here, let them purchase comfortably and let users bear in mind? These are the important manifestations of brand memory and differentiated design of platforms.

In view of these problems, we put forward the systematic experience design, and focused on the three key points of "users’ eye movement", "data tracking" and "design research", output design schemes in a well-grounded manner; clarify the effect (goal) of products, how it works (model), and how systemized user experience design achieves the better effect of the former two (method), and on this basis, we propose the design solutions in a pertinent manner, and offer the interaction mode of users and products in a rational way, bringing a unique shopping experience for users.

This workshop will explain the definitions, analysis methods, problem solving and case effects in detail. The workshop participants will systematically master the advanced methods of user experience design by sharing, and conduct design output in a well-founded manner.

Structure and Agenda

1. Introduce the methods of systemized user experience design
2. Carry out method practices and share data effects
3. Carry out theme practices, and conduct discussions in different tables
4. Q&A session

Target Audience

1. Interaction and visual designers
2. Products, operation managers
3. Students interested in the field of e-commerce

Participants Benefit

1. How the systemized user experience design method promote products;
2. Learn about the story behind Jingdong's e-commerce design;
3. The embodiment of the value of platform design;

Work Case
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