Design thinking of manless driving applications -- ideas and methods of scenarized design.
  • Zhou Feng Zhou Feng UISEE Technologies Beijing Co., Ltd Chief Experience Officer

    With 12-year UX design experience, he specializes in UX innovation design on smart hardware and owns many international patents. He led his team to accomplish the HMI of MC2 concept car in 2017.

Design thinking of manless driving applications -- ideas and methods of scenarized design.

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Session D12
Meeting room 302B
Time 07/19 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

With the continuous development and innovation of manless driving technology, human-computer interactive design has also been given higher and higher expectations. When interactive emphasis is transferred from the original driving-related tasks to non driving-related tasks, the interactive interface design focusing on the purpose of driving as well as the design of sitting space in the car will both usher in an unprecedented transformation.

Then what kind of experiences can we provide when the space in the car, the attention and time of users are released? What kind of new travel ways will the decline of travel service costs caused by unmanned driving bring to the hot shared traveling at present? How can designers cope with these complicated travel demands without drivers?

This workshop will introduce the trends and hot spots of interactive design of manless driving in recent years, and combined with its own cases, introduce the pain points encountered in design and scenarized design methods for unmanned driving.
The participants discuss the application of manless driving by group interaction, and deconstruct the application via scenarized design methods.
The contents of scenarized design methods learned in the workshop mainly include:

1. Imagine future lifestyles of manless driving
2. Interactive design, service design and space design trends of the manless driving concept in recent years
3. Manless driving concept cars -- interactive design scheme of "mobile city space" and its design concept
4. Case sharing of service design of underground car parks, service design pain points and information design BKM summarized in the cases
5. Multi-user and multidimensional scene refinement in user Journey
5.1 Classification and sorting of information needs in multidimensional scenarios
5.2 Mode of information needs and its content design
5.3 Development ideas of fast human-computer interaction hardware prototype

Structure and Agenda

1. Introduction of design trends of manless driving
2. Group interaction: imagination of manless driving applications
3. Scenarized design cases of manless driving
4. Group interaction: design reconfiguration -- ideas and methods of scenarized design
5. Achievement exhibition

Target Audience

1. Product managers
2. Human-computer interaction designers
3. Human-computer interaction engineers

Participants Benefit

1. Learn about interactive design trends of manless driving
2. Learn about the design pain points of manless driving
3. Discuss the ideas and methods of scenarized design

Work Case
  • 周峰 - 无人驾驶车平台
  • 周峰 - LED灯带交互
  • 周峰 - 仪式感
  • 周峰 - 行人交互
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