Design thinking and methods in artificial intelligence era
  • Alex Hanson Alex Hanson Didi Senior User Experience Designer

    Now working in Drip Trips, he is responsible for the experience design of projects such as smart transportation and smart vehicles. 10 years of design work experience.

Design thinking and methods in artificial intelligence era

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Session F3
Meeting room 402B
Time 07/21 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the era of intelligence, the rapid development of science and technology, the extreme openness of information, and the evolution and transformation of design, the responsibility of designers has become even greater, and there should be a new way of thinking and working methods.

Through this workshop, the speaker will combine the design system of the Drip Trip App APP and the excellent product case of the Djihui Intelligent Transportation Platform to share the design thinking, innovative direction and feasible operation methods of the product design in the era of artificial intelligence. Help participants to better use design thinking to innovate and improve team collaboration efficiency.

The explanation and practice of theory in the workshop will involve:

Design thinking
1, Design thinking makes design more creative
What is design thinking, design thinking brings innovation to products, and what design thinking needs to create greater value in smart age designers?
2, Development and application of design thinking (guide participants to carry out fun tests and practical exercises)
Designers can push methods through predictable design methods and personalized user experiences. They can develop and improve design thinking. How can we design ideas to better solve problems and drive innovation through design thinking.
Design method
1, Drip design team work methods and workflow
2, Method explanation and practice practice: Discovering the essence through trends (Guiding the participants to analyze the nature of the problem)
How to predict the visual and interactive design trends, which factors determine the formation of design trends, and make product design conform to trends through global thinking;
3, method explanation and practice exercises: how to conduct user research efficiently (guide participants to group practice practice for rapid user research methods)
The dimensions and efficient methods for conducting user research, how to translate the research results into accurate and usable data;
4, Method explanation and practice exercise: Using data to drive personalized experience (guided participants to practice data extraction and application of group practice)
Interpretation and use of data to enhance the rationality of design, how to enhance the overall user experience through personalized design;
5, method to explain: scene design method

Improve team collaboration efficiency
1, Establish a design system
Establish a standardized design system for products, improve design specifications and cross-team collaboration efficiency;
2, review and optimization of product experience (guide participants to group practice practice)
Split product experience tasks, generate dynamic charts of experience results, formulate optimization plans, and review them repeatedly.
3, method introduction: Design team collaboration method
How the design team formulates the principle of demand distribution, the product design team internal audit mechanism, and the team to share learning growth plans.

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop background and content introduction
2、Test and interaction
3、Practical exercises
4、Group discussion
5、Report on Practice Exercises
6、Questions and free exchange

Target Audience

1、User interface designer
2、Visual designer
3、Interaction Designer
4、User Experience Designer
5、Product manager

Participants Benefit

1、What changes and drivers artificial intelligence brings to the work of designers and designers.
2、How to use design thinking to better solve problems and drive innovations.
3、Through learning and practice learning the key aspects and processes of the design method.

Work Case
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