Application of the Associative Method in Product Innovation Design
  • Jason Hao Jason Hao Huawei Creative Design Director

Application of the Associative Method in Product Innovation Design

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Session G10
Meeting room 301B
Time 07/21 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
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Content Introduction

Innovative design is a very important ability and output in UX work. Many designers feel that after learning many design methods and user research methods, they still cannot produce high quality, innovative designs and are in dire need of a tool, a way, that can help the birth of ideas.

The associative method is a source of creative inspiration, activating the birth of ideas through graphics. On this basis, further refinement and extension, as well as the connection of concepts, actualise and productise the ideas that arise out of thin air. In the process of this imaginative process, the product is combined with the needs of the product and the use of the scenario, which can have a surprising effect.

People often ask: How do you make an association? What is the starting point? How do you imagine a scribbled picture, how can you imagine a scene from a word, how can you imagine a function from an object. Is there a method or pattern to follow?

The aim of this sharing is to explore the rules in between, so that the audience can actually get their hands dirty and find creative entry points from their own scribbles and vocabulary storms, so that they can fall in love with creative design.

The specific contents of this workshop include.
1. About the associative method
1.1 Successful examples of linked ideas
1.2 The associative method in the creative world
1.3 Practical exercises on the associative method
1.4 What can be gained from scribbling and vocabulary storming

2. Combining the associative method and creative design
2.1 Training in associative innovation methods
2.2 Empathic design of user experience maps
2.3 Vocabulary creativity expansion
2.4 Associative expression of vocabulary and scribbles

3. Mastering new ideas and methods for winning in the midst of chaos by combining scenarios and products
3.1 Basic elements inspire creative content
3.2 Storytelling links and scenes in tandem
3.3 Linking structure of ideas: linear, radioactive, linear, modular
3.4 The use of auxiliary graphics in innovative product design

Cases cited.
1. Travel scene innovation born from the associative method
2. Wearable product innovation born from the associative method
3. Innovation in office scenes born from the associative method

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction to the workshop: an overview of the course
2、Theoretical explanation: the associative method and its classification, including painting on different media and using different vocabulary to enhance the knowledge of association
3、Theoretical method explanation & case study
4、Hands-on interaction: sorting out systematic ideas, hands-on exercise programme
5、Show summary: show results and practice ideas and delivery of presentations

Target Audience

1、User Experience Designer, Visual Designer, Interaction Designer
2、Product Planning, Product Operations
3、Product Manager

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the ways of association and be able to capture sparks of inspiration from them
2、Gain a combination of innovative design thinking and design methods, and enhance your innovation skills with the help of the associative method
3、Combining the study of office, travel, entertainment, sports and home scenarios, designers will be able to rehearse the application of hand-drawing and learn creative presentation

Work Case
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