Advance of designers -- compound business design capabilities enabling businesses
  • Wu Yi Wu Yi Interactive Design Expert

  • Ouyang Bei

    Ouyang Bei Senior Interaction Designer

Advance of designers -- compound business design capabilities enabling businesses

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Meeting room 401
Time 07/21 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

Designers' cognition and abilities are given higher expectations and requirements in the rapid evolution of business. Enabling business needs to provide global commercial design schemes.

In this workshop, we will analyze designers' composite business design capabilities globally with commercial scenario cases from the productization design of cross-industry e-commerce, efficiency design of operation tools, content-based design of marketing and prospective exploration design of business model, etc.

1. Product social design: how e-commerce uses the relationship chain to develop product capability in the social scene, and innovates a small program combining social and new retailing simultaneously.
2. Operation content-based design: in the era of valuing contents, how design makes planning and innovation, stimulates user creations, content management designs, reorganization flows, visual packaging and other full-process enabling in view of the contents.
3. Business efficiency design: make type-based thinking in respect of business, carry out construction of type-based design methodologies, and promote and practice platform-level tools or systems that are reprecipitated and solidified as enabling business efficiency.
4. Commercial prospective design: the design breaks through the innovations in the existing demand level, and carries out prospective design and practical implementation by exploring new business models, business strategic trends, emerging technology applications and other dimensions.

Structure and Agenda

1. Warm-up & get to know each other;
2. Explanation: Advance quality model, professional knowledge structure and career development of designers, etc.;
3. Case analysis: analyze designers' compound commercial design capabilities based on actual cases of e-commerce business scenarios;
4. Group practice: design innovation strategies and method practices
5. Q&A communications

Target Audience

1. Interactive designers
2. Product managers
3. user experience designers

Participants Benefit

1. Help designers of middle and senior level or above to construct the professional knowledge system and draw lessons from career development planning
2. Master the comprehensive design capabilities and methodologies of commercial designers
3. Study the methods to enhance products and break through design innovations

Work Case
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