Content·creativity·marketing: diversified design creates operational activities.
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Content·creativity·marketing: diversified design creates operational activities.

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Session E3
Meeting room 402B
Time 07/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

Under the general background of user awareness and economic upgrading, the team needs to use scientific early-stage positioning for creative screening in the face of different types of e-commerce projects, carry out iterative optimization with productization thinking and avoid risks and improve efficiency with tools and methods. In this workshop, we will bring a large number of actual e-commerce cases, such as the venues of 618, double-11 and other large-scale marketing events, communications and interactions, as well as IP content marketing projects, and carry out in-depth analysis and learning from starting points, thinking dimensions, confusions in process, formalized understandings and technical levels.

The main contents of this workshop are the design ideas of H5:
1. Positioning: position core goals + extend the overall brand of activities
2. Direction: divergence of goals, the theme on what can be said to determine a sentence
3. Divergent ideas and methods: concrete story clues that the theme extends out, commonly used creative methods and routines, story routines
4. Detail depiction: expression of matched cases, output of story scripts
5. Visual style: draw inspirations from the familiar environment and express in new forms
6. Detailed process: style, storyboard, keyframe, video, dubbing, synthesis, optimization

Methods that help the participants to harvest:
1. Divergent ideas of playing methods of content-based conference venues (flow cashing model of IP, analysis of IP in terms of IP type, spiritual value and fans’ appeal, and determination of the final packaging method based on the content of the sale);
2. H5 positioning and direction (the commonly used centralized content directions: based on core competitiveness, target users’ tonality, theme attitude, project highlights and interest packaging);
3. Commonly used divergent ideas (breaking the routine and unexpected effects: replacement of main roles, the replacement of concepts, reinforcement effects, visualization and metaphors; the story should have changes, rhythmical Peak-End Rule);
4. Standards of evaluation (topicality, high frequency, emotional arousal, practicality) .

Structure and Agenda

1. Opening remarks : find common grounds (5 minutes) group ice-breaking
2. Explore the power generation points of main venues (discussion without standard answers)
3. Practical operation of content-type venues (small cases, divergent thinking with methods in groups)
4. Practical operation of creative and simple divergent thinking (small cases, divergent thinking with methods in groups)

Target Audience

1. E-commerce designers
2. Internet designers
3. Product operation

Participants Benefit

1. Understand the design and environment perspectives of receiving e-commerce projects
2. The values and power generation points of designers in operation activities, full-chain perspective and details to solve problems
3. Divergence of playing methods of specific operation activities as well as creative methods

Work Case
  • 龙生 - 拍摄过程解构
  • 龙生 - 618站外攻略制作分析
  • 龙生 - IP合作类项目
  • 龙生 - H5项目介绍
  • 龙生 - 我们迭代思路
Guess You Like
  • 龙生 - 拍摄过程解构 15
  • 龙生 - 618站外攻略制作分析 25
  • 龙生 - IP合作类项目 35
  • 龙生 - H5项目介绍 45
  • 龙生 - 我们迭代思路 55
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