Innovation and practice of systematic brand design
  • Zhu Peng Zhu Peng Tencent Interactive designer

    Currently working for Tencent FiT Design Center and mainly responsible for WeChat recharge services. Used to work for NetEase、Esun Internet companies.

  • Zhou Junjun

    Zhou Junjun Tencent Senior Interaction Designer

Innovation and practice of systematic brand design

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Session C6
Meeting room 406
Time 07/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Brand Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the age of the Internet, brands continue to stimulate their experience as an important medium for consumers to recognize products and services. Highly systematic brand recognition helps users to create a unified emotional experience, which in turn accelerate branded operation and promotion of products. .

The workshop mainly uses the WeChat mobile phone recharge case to learn how to sum up and execute the brand, comparing it with the existing brand experience and search for the experience value innovation point of the product brand,which includes:
1. Relationship between brand and user, brand value analysis.
2. Use the model of systematic brand design to ensure that the brand experience of products and services in multiple dimensions is highly consistent.
3. WeChat mobile phone brand refinancing process, brand execution strategy.

Through workshops, participants can learn and understand the systematic design methods of Internet product brands, and gradually establish brand awareness in daily work. When encountering related design projects, they can use professional design methods to solve and gradually expand the methodology,Multi-dimensionally helping products to establish a clear and unified brand experience in order to enhance the brand value of the company or service.

Structure and Agenda

1. Value relationship between user and brand
2. Theory explanation and case analysis
3. Workshop on brand abstraction of Wechat telephone charges
4. Case of systematic brand design expression based on specific brand
5. QA

Target Audience

1. Interactive designer
2. UI designer
3. Brand designer

Participants Benefit

1. Acquisition of systematic brand design ideas
2. Practical process of systematic brand design
3. Making a help to accelerate the operate of systematic brand design

video introduction
Work Case
  • 朱鹏 - 品牌系统化设计策略的执行
  • 朱鹏 - 品牌向用户的传递模型
  • 朱鹏 - 品牌向用户的传播媒介触点
  • 朱鹏 - 品牌的传播价值
  • 朱鹏 - 亲密充视觉设计
  • 朱鹏 - 微信手机充值
  • 朱鹏 - 微信手机充值携手壹基金——品牌化运营和推广
  • 朱鹏 - 建立鲜明统一的品牌体验
  • 朱鹏 - 微信手机充值携手壹基金——品牌化运营传播
  • 朱鹏 - 微信手机充值携手壹基金“为爱充值”——品牌化运营传播
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  • 朱鹏 - 品牌系统化设计策略的执行 110
  • 朱鹏 - 品牌向用户的传递模型 210
  • 朱鹏 - 品牌向用户的传播媒介触点 310
  • 朱鹏 - 品牌的传播价值 410
  • 朱鹏 - 亲密充视觉设计 510
  • 朱鹏 - 微信手机充值 610
  • 朱鹏 - 微信手机充值携手壹基金——品牌化运营和推广 710
  • 朱鹏 - 建立鲜明统一的品牌体验 810
  • 朱鹏 - 微信手机充值携手壹基金——品牌化运营传播 910
  • 朱鹏 - 微信手机充值携手壹基金“为爱充值”——品牌化运营传播 1010
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