Scenarized Internet finance
  • Cheng Zhuan Cheng Zhuan JD Finance Senior UI Designer

Scenarized Internet finance

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Session B10
Meeting room 406
Time 07/18 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the eyes of many users, the financial industry has always been a model in a cold and elegant way, and its high-end degree of professionalism has also made ordinary people shrink back at the sight of it. But the emergence of the Internet, because of its ease of use, affinity and transmissibility, has not merely lowered the access threshold of finance, but drawn closer the distance between finance and users. In particular, the rapid development of mobile Internet has made the concept of finance increasingly imperceptibly integrated into the life of ordinary people. Of course, there will consequently be some issues that users and companies are concerned about, for instance, how to ensure the security of accounts and the privacy of user data, how to display service processes of complex financial businesses, and how to convey obscure financial nouns, etc. Therefore, how to make the high-threshold industry more down-to-earth, make its user experience more smooth and comfortable and its operations more simple and easy to use is an important subject we have to face in the design of Internet financial products.

In daily work, we have experienced many kinds of Internet financial products. It is not difficult to see that most enterprises are addressing the functional requirements when designing products, just like those produced in the industrialized assembly line, and they seldom pay attention to how much aesthetic experience and emotional memory this product can bring to users.

While making users experience the basic functions, scenarized design creates more senses of joy and emotional exchanges with full "human feelings" so that users can understand and use Internet financial products better. So how to make reasonable use of scenarized design, make Internet financial products have a high temperature and no longer “cold” is the core methodology shared this time. The keynote speaker combines with several times of revision of Jingdong Finance APP in recent years and major project experience and daily work experience, hoping to be able to bring some design inspirations.

Structure and Agenda

1. Opening remarks, ice-breaking, interaction - what kind of products do people like
2. Case-combined analysis: common problems in Internet finance at present
3. Methodology introduction: introduce the "breadth and depth" based on users' usage scenarios, and find the design methods of design entry points.
4. Methodology explanation: scenarized design, understand how to design in all paths and user contacts, and how to influence users' behaviors and decisions
5. Case sharing: scenarized design of the homepage of Jingdong Finance APP
6. Receive task topics, group exercises
7. What kind of designers are needed in Internet finance
8. Q&A interaction

Target Audience

1. Product managers of Internet finance
2. Designers of Internet finance
3. Other personnel interested in Internet financial products

Participants Benefit

1. Study the methods of product optimization, and implement creative ideas through design drive, thereby achieving business goals.
2. Study the significance of ‘scenarized’ for the design of Internet financial products, and master the scene-based methods such as analyzing user behaviors and product contacts.
3. What should the designers of Internet finance do, through the design of combining methods with business, enhance the professional design thinking and enhance the ability to grasp information integration

Work Case
  • 程专 - 黄金教育页
  • 程专 - 信用卡还款
  • 程专 - 京东金融 App 设计规范
  • 程专 - 金融日历
  • 程专 - 京东金融 App 首页
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