Design Exploration of Online Education Product
  • Xia Siyu Xia Siyu Yiqi Technologies Design manager

    I graduated from the Industrial Design of Tsinghua University. I worked in baidu and Meituan, and now I am responsible for the design of primary and AI products in Yiqi Technologies for K12 education.

  • Wei Shulan

    Wei Shulan Yiqi Techonology Senior Interaction Designer

Design Exploration of Online Education Product

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Session A3
Meeting room 202A
Time 07/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

Online education is a big market . How to design for children, and what is the difference between children and the adult, all of that has become an extremely important exploration proposition for Internet + education.

Kid education as the base is critical at this stage. How to stimulate the user's interest in learning, and how to integrate design thinking into children's product design, so as to build up the children's internal drive. At the same time, we need to balance the fun and learning efficiency, so that children are willing to learn, and parents are willing to pay for the product.

Course outline
1. The background of online education industry
2. How to achieve the three-way balance of children's interests, teaching goals and parents' demands
3. How to use design thinking to inspire users' "internal drive"
4. The product design methodology of online education
5. How to design and exploit children's multiple intelligences

The workshop will provide a large number of online practical cases about the children's products. Based on Yiqi Work product with 30 million users, as well as the analysis of the actual items such as the three end versions (teachers, students, parents), text types optimization and revision, and Xiao U intelligent Learning Aids,we will provide participants with a set of implementable design methods for children's products, as well as commercial liquidity strategies for children's product design.

Structure and Agenda

1. Background introduction and methodology introduction
2. Application case analysis:Kid product revision cases(teachers, students, parents)
3. Theory explanation:design thinking and internal drive
4. Workshop practice
5. Summary and evaluation

Target Audience

1. Poduct managers and designers of children's products design
2. Knowledge acquisition or online education related people
3. Engage in game design or other immersive experience products

Participants Benefit

1. Executable design methodology on children's products
2. The commercial strategy of education products
3. Actual project experience of education products for children

Work Case
  • 夏斯宇 - 线上寒假作业/期末复习
  • 夏斯宇 - 精品自学应用自然拼读
  • 夏斯宇 - 精品自学应用英语绘本
  • 夏斯宇 - 学生端作业流程优化
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