How to research user growth by the integration of big and small data
  • Jijia Yu Jijia Yu JD manager

    Currently, I serve as the senior manager of user research in JD, responsible for the management over the research group of experience and innovation, and I devote myself to the insight of full-link customer demand and the management of service experience. Presently, my team is mainly responsible for service experience design and the insight over user growth strategy. I have obtained the Master of Psychology and MBA.,with the help my cat Pepper.
    I am aimed at bridging the gap between data algorithms and real life through design.

How to research user growth by the integration of big and small data

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Time 11/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction User Research
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Content Introduction

As for how to realize the growth of users during the era when the mass stock of netizens arrive at 989 million, it is the strategic direction which Internet companies lay emphasis on and make efforts to improve. In the past two years, we conducted study projects by cooperating with the teams engaged in user growth, and solved many problems about growth one by one, thus obtaining an effective set of paradigm for study.
Through integrating the theory of Growth Hacker from Silicon Valley and the Classic Technique of User Research, this workshop aims to share a practical and applicable research methodology which can solve the problem of growth through the coordination of big data and small data this time. The teaching combined with real case and practical operation helps the personnel engaged in user study, user operation and entrepreneurs to have an in-depth understanding over the process of growth, incentive motivation and conversion points during the full life circle, as well as the study methods related to the growth goal of commonly seen Internet enterprise users, for the purpose of exploring a road to the beneficial growth of users through the fusion of big data and small data.

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction of workshop
2、Interactive icebreaking: discuss typical cases of user growth in groups and share the cases accordingly
3、Interpretation of theory and method
4、Interpretation of case: the problem of new users' retain
5、Internship and interaction: complete the study scheme themed the fusion of big data and small data in groups and share it
7、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、UX researchers and designers
2、the practitioners engaged in user growth
3、 entrepreneurs and who else may be interested in

Participants Benefit

1、Establish a process of growth from the user’s perspective, and know about the model of study for the fusion of big data and small data
2、Grasp the commonly used investigation methods and skills in the field of user growth
3、Learn the case of real trading for the user growth in large-scale factories in the frontline

Work Case
  • Case of retain users
  • Theory model
  • Other case2
  • Other case1
Guess You Like
  • 16
  • 26
  • Case of retain users 36
  • Theory model 46
  • Other case2 56
  • Other case1 66
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