Design for User sExperience and Content Service in Big Screen Era
  • Qiaoting Xu Qiaoting Xu Xiaomi TV Design Expert

    Xu is in charge of the experience group of Xiaomi TV Internet business design center, taking responsibility for the design of Xiaomi TV Internet business, Children’s Channel, Xiaomi Video app and Xiaomi Live app. Having 12 years of Internet user experience design and cross-field design experience, Xu used to work in several Internet design team, including Xiaomi commercialization team, Baidu MUX mobile business division, Baidu financial group, Netease, 4A company, etc. Xu has certain understanding about how to create value for business model as well as for users. As long as we have deep understanding of value-creation, identify the important value in product ecology, and make creative design for the key values, we could truly achieve effective and value-adding design. Good product design should consider user experience, the trend of design and business value comprehensively. Good product design should take a comprehensive perspective, that is, be responsible for experience from the user perspective, be responsible for quality from the team perspective of, and be responsible for growth from the business perspective. Design should provide solutions that can balance experience and business at the same time, and create value for users and businesses.

Design for User sExperience and Content Service in Big Screen Era

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Time 11/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Brand Design
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Content Introduction

In the original product definition and use scene of TV, TV is a tool for watching drama and watching movies, while television is only television. At present, intelligent TV is more and more just a carrier of screen, and the content and service behind it gradually become the focus of consumers' attention. The future smart TV will not only be a product of watching programs, but also become the control center of smart home. This will enable smart TV to not only talk to distant family video, but also monitor and display the operation status of other products such as refrigerator and air conditioner in the home, and even watch the situation of children, elderly people or pets at home remotely. In the future, watching TV programs is only one of the functions of intelligent TV. The "output and control terminal" that could display in-house situations and aggregate various mobile information is the development direction of the real intelligent era.

Xiaomi TV has grown to be the leader in the field of Internet TV in China, and the big screen has become the entertainment and Internet entrance of Xiaomi in the future. Its operating system, MIUI for TV, also affects the design ideas of the TV field in the aspect of viewing experience. With the continuous change of viewing habits and the increasing amount of Internet TV users, the TV system is facing more and more customized demands. With the thinking of new changes, we improved the design again and launched a new MIUI for TV 3.0.

Through this workshop, we will share the cases of Xiaomi TV system experience and video content service for participants based on the recent design practice of our team. The cases will focus on the experience of TV system and content service, including how to bring more immersive viewing experience for users, how to increase user awareness of the service experience of TV membership, and how to create key values for TV experience and business success. The audience, including user experience designer, operation designer and product manager in the field of intelligent hardware, could be inspired by our sharing. In the area of vertical industries, artificial intelligence could incorporate into the user scenario more humanistically and more effectively.

in this workshop you will learn:
1. Introduction of Xiaomi TV and TV Internet business
1.1 development path and business summary of Xiaomi TV, content service and content ecology
1.2 Summary of the development path of Xiaomi TV system: several important versions of 1.0-2.0
1.3 functions and advantages of Patchwall system of Xiaomi TV, new problems and challenges

2. Case Study 1–brand new MIUI for TV 3.0 design revision and concept introduction
2.1 new home page design
2.2 immersive viewing experience
2.3 natural interactive animation
2.4 theme wallpaper
2.5 children’s model upgrade
2.6 minimalism mode and office mode

3. Case Study 2 - Xiaomi film and television membership brand design upgrade
3.1 VIP membership brand new design. By adopting the design-as-the-driving-force strategy, bring the product brand new visual feelings. How to serve the company from the perspective of business objectives and users.
3.2 VIP membership channel design revision
3.3 VIP membership awareness and incentive design methods
3.4 design of VIP membership level system
3.5 dynamic design and application strategy of VIP membership
3.6 introduction to VIP membership user experience evaluation model: satisfaction model, trend of NPS changes and member user growth rate
4. Practice and interaction: Group proposition, proposal for content service design for different users

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: content summary, introduction of Xiaomi TV and TV video business
2、Methodology: MIUI for TV 3.0 system, thinking mode of video content product design
3、Case analysis: illustrate the design concept and design method of MIUI for TV 3.0 design and revision of Xiaomi TV
4、Practical interaction: team design proposal of the theme project
5、Open questions: free Q & A
6、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、Intermediate / advanced designer
2、Motion Designer, Visual designer
3、Product manager of intelligent hardware

Participants Benefit

1、Understanding of smart TV industry, TV content service experience design
2、Learn how to solve the experience problem of different people in TV through design
3、Understand how to better meet the user viewing experience and enhance business value through creativity
4、Master the thinking mode and method of effectively creating key design value

video introduction
MIUI for TV 3.0 Design Video
Work Case
  • Movie poster design system
  • Theme wallpaper system
  • Ripple Animation System
  • Patchwall 2.0 design
  • TV experience emotional map
  • Platform technical capability map
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