Deconstruction of guided behavior design of Jingdong marketing channel
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Deconstruction of guided behavior design of Jingdong marketing channel

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Time 11/20 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

With the accumulation of consumer behavior data in the internet platform ,the content of live broadcast and short video is gradually strengthened. The user's attention is continuously dispersed. So how to keep high user stickiness in many marketing channels? How to continue to enhance the user's interest in participation?
At present, the dividend of market users gradually disappears. The overall growth rate of online shopping has been stabilized. How to keep high user viscosity of marketing channels in the current environment is the focus of this workshop. This workshop mainly takes the design of Jingdong e-commerce marketing channel as an example to explore the way of thinking and application of guided behavior design. Studies and analyzes it from two dimensions: product perspective and user perspective. Product perspective: deeply understand operation and product strategy. User perspective: insight into the deep behavioral motivation of users.

Finally, some ideas of design thinking precipitation and the direction of enlarging design value in organization are provided.

The core share includes four parts:

1. What are the marketing channels of Jingdong

1.1 What are the main marketing channels in Jingdong

1.2 Classification of Jingdong marketing channel

2. Positioning of deep digging products and the behavior motivation of users

2.1 Sorting channel product positioning

2.2 Insight into the shopping psychological link of users

The application of guiding behavior design defined by aidal user shopping psychological model

2.3 Quantification: understand how to use quantification

3. Case study of existing marketing channel

3.1 Channel positioning analysis

3.2 Analysis of the crowd of channel users

3.3 Building of matching model of people and goods of channel 3

3.4 Channel traffic model distribution mechanism

3.5 Target disassembly of channel strategy

4. Sedimentation design capacity, extending design value

4.1 Analysis methods of innovation and exploration of existing channels

4.2 The modular precipitation ideas of existing channels

4.3 How to see more opportunities through user voice

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: warm up,Guided behavior design and related background and concept introduction of Jingdong marketing channel
2、Theoretical explain from two aspects: 1. User insight, shopping psychological path explanation; 2. From the perspective of platform and the whole path to look at product problems
3、Real case: Take the marketing channel as an example, based on the user's behavior, several cases are analyzed on the revision design of marketing channel products; With channel marketing tools as the case, this paper explains how to revise the produc
4、Practice interaction: Analyze and design the product brain storm and process link of marketing channel in groups based on the relevant topics and the learned content
6、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、College students majoring in user experience design
2、1-3 years as product designer, interaction designer and visual designer
3、Designer in charge of marketingdesign for 1-3 years
4、Product manager or user researcher interested in user experience design 报错 笔记双语对照

Participants Benefit

1、Help the designers who have just entered the experience design industry to form a certain ability of design thinking analysis
2、Understanding the marketing guide design basis of e-commerce channel
3、Learn certain product analysis ideas, better business play and marketing effective communication, and improve the channel revisit

Work Case
  • Real Case
  • Componentization
  • Functional Analysis
  • Channel Frame
  • Information Structure
  • User Path
  • User Insight
  • User psychology and behavior analysis
Guess You Like
  • Real Case 18
  • Componentization 28
  • Functional Analysis 38
  • Channel Frame 48
  • Information Structure 58
  • User Path 68
  • User Insight 78
  • User psychology and behavior analysis 88
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