Setting up strategy for outstanding “trendy products"
  • Zicai Zhou Zicai Zhou VIPKID Merchandise Development Manager

    Master of Art and Design from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, currently the VIPKid merchandise development manager , be experienced in the development of K12 educational merchandise. Be responsible for building the cultural creation brand Dinodaily merchandise ecosystem of VIPKID education; leading the team to develop more than 600 merchandise in order to build a solid technical barrier for shaping an image of innovative education enterprise. The brand has won the title of “Children Education Benchmark Brand” in 2020 Tencent Wisdom Parenting.

    The DinoDaily reading pen designed by chief industrial designer has won both Red Dot Design Award and IF Product Design Award.

    Concept: To create the world's children's favorite IP learning partner, let learning happen naturally.

Setting up strategy for outstanding “trendy products"

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Session C6
Meeting room Undetermined
Time 11/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In K12 online education, all kinds of teaching-assisted education products that support the externalization of teaching effects have become the highlights of services that impress users. In the high-intensity production background, the most important thing is to make impressing “door-knocking” product efficiently with a more scientific and stable method from the perspective of users, and to let users experience the teaching content and understand the teaching concept in a better way.
Through continuous and deep research on the development of K12 educational products, I have settled out a set of reusable product development methods and risk self-checking tools with user interaction scenes as the core from the development experience of nearly 600 educational derivatives.
I hope that through this workshop, combined with practical cases, we can use these methods to complete the whole process from development requirements to product definition.

The workshop mainly includes:
1、Definition of trendy products
1.1 The eye-catching “short-cut” design;
1.2 Research and sharing of international product design trend (combined with the case that our self-developed product winning 2021Red Dot Design Award and IF Product Design Award)

2、Set up differential trendy products strategy
2.1 Create a contact: describing the user market objectively, getting a user perspective, completing the circle layer opportunity identification in a same frequency with the user;
2.2 Integration/dismantling: implementing differential strategies on different circle layers through pain points division and classification;
2.3 Focus: focusing on group problems, having an insight into user psychology and proposing possible solutions;
2.4 Forecasting and production: proposing innovative solutions, output product solutions through continuous evaluating and testing with the help of risk self-checking tools;

3、Product development tool sharing
3.1 Using the double diamond model to direct development process
3.2Product development self-check tool, to set up testing mechanism
3.2.1 Standard content outline template, to implement self-checks on product content development and the content accuracy;
3.2.2 Supply chain technology evaluation form, to evaluate the development feasibility from the perspectives of process, material, special technology and other dimensions
3.2.3 Design five-dimensional evaluation form, conduct internal examination from function, appearance, creativity, differences and social value;
4、Case sharing
4.1 DinoDaily reading pen (won 2021Red Dot Design Award and IF Product Design Award)
4.1.1 Minimalist design concept, let the users use naturally
4.1.2 Using differential trendy products design method, output the product definition of reading pen
4.1.3 Ensure product meets development expectations through product design self-check form

4.2 VIPKID-Dinodaily Teaching Cultural Creativity Derivative Matrix with the objective of externalizing learning effect
4.2.1 The concept of learning through games makes learning more active
4.2.2 The components of game teaching tools are separated from the consumer market
4.2.3 Precipitation and sharing of teaching content and gaming components combining methods
4.2.4 Application of “conversational” interaction design in children education products

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction to the workshop: content summary
2、Theoretical method explanation: process-based product definition method
3、Case analysis: DinoDaily reading pen, VIPKID teaching cultural creativity derivative matrix
4、Practical interaction: different groups use different methods to complete the definition of a product
5、Q&A session: free Q&A communication

Target Audience

1、Medium level designers who want to improve
2、Industrial /cultural creativity product designer with more than 2 years of experiences
3、Visual designers with 3 years of experiences
4、Design manager/design supervisor

Participants Benefit

1、Comprehensively understanding the standardized process of product design and development
2、Mastering the method of quickly building product framework, which is helpful to direct the team in design and development
3、Mastering the method of having an insight into users through service, which is helpful to precipitate and forecast product optimization direction

video introduction
Work Case
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