The logical black box cracking interactive design.
  • Cui Yingren Cui Yingren China Internet Plus Holding Ltd Director of User Experience in Shanghai

The logical black box cracking interactive design.

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Session C5
Meeting room 402B
Time 07/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Recently, the concept of "full-link designers" has been hyped to be very popular, but from the perspective of the economic law of deepening professional and industry segmentation, the combination of specialities violates the objective law. Interactive designers are often not set up in small companies and interactive prototypes are output by products or visual designers, which brings great doubts about the value of interactive designers. In fact, the reason behind this phenomenon is that interactive designers can't tell exactly what they design and how to design.

This workshop will explain in detail the complete logical process of interactive design, as well as the required design thinking, design methods and design basis so as to make the whole logical process visualized, concrete and specialized.
Among them, the workshop will focus on the following contents:
1. Origin
1.1 The nature of interaction
1.2 The value of interaction
2. Deconstruction
2.1 Logic blueprint of interactive design (strategic layer - scope layer - structure layer - framework layer - presentation layer)
2.2 Thinking framework - five elements of user experience
2.3 Design basis - mental model
2.4 Method system
2.5 Full-chain deduction
3. Extension
3.1 Ability judgment
3.2 Trend judgment
This study will help design managers who will master this thinking to accurately judge the professional level of interactive designers and whether the interactive drafts are right or wrong. Interactive designers can use this thinking as a road map for the establishment of professional systems to guide the development of their professional abilities.

Structure and Agenda

1. Background introduction of the workshop: describe the interactive design work process completely clear;
2. Theory introduction: logical link blueprint of interactive design
3. Detailed explanation: explain the logical link of interactive design in stages in detail combined with cases
4. Workshop exercises: practise to develop an interface by using the logical link of interactive design
5. Summary: the guiding significance of the logical link blueprint of interactive design in the management of interactive designers, professional development of interactive designers and other aspects

Target Audience

1. Interactive designers (working life unlimited), product managers
2. College students majoring in industrial design, psychology that hope to be engaged in interactive design in the future
3. Design managers who need to manage interactive designers

Participants Benefit

1. Understand the origin of interactive design, complete logical link, future evolution trends, etc.
2. Grasp the thinking framework, method system and design basis needed from the abstract requirement to the detailed interactive draft
3. Master the standards for judging the professional level of interactive designers
4. Provide a panoramic interactive ability model for interactive design practitioners as a roadmap for capacity development

Work Case
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