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开拓之道——通过工具创新 | 2017国际体验设计大会-IXDC年度盛典-全球最具影响力的体验设计峰会
  • Alex Schleifer(Speaker)AirbnbVice President of Design

    Alex is the VP of Design at Airbnb, where he leads the user experience, design research, content and design operations teams. As a teenager he co-founded Sideshow, which produced award-winning digital work for a variety of global clients. In 2011 they were acquired by Say Media, where he became Head of Design, helping them to redefine digital publishing. During this time, he also co-founded UX Magazine, which quickly became an authority on user experience design. Alex is passionate about creating beautiful, engaging digital products that change the way we tell stories and make connections.

The Way We Build — Innovation Through Tools

Session S1
Room Undetermined
Date 07-14 13:32 - 13:50
Type Keynote speech
Language 英文(含中译)
Category Design Management

You can’t innovate on products without first innovating the way you build them. Given that what we create is ephemeral, the part of our work that can last is how we build. This philosophy includes how we grow our teams, nurture our design culture, and the tools that we create and share with our community. This is how we keep the transient visible. By investing in a better way to build at Airbnb, we’re bridging the gap between disciplines and freeing up time to apply creativity to solve larger complex challenges.This talk explores how rethinking the way a design organization builds can increase speed, foster collaboration, and ultimately lead to innovation.



International experience design conference is hosted by IXDC, he most effective platform in the experience design industry, it's committed to building design industry and international platform for the exchange of experience.


  • Academic Advisor: Tong Huiming, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts,Professor
  • Academic Advisor: Xin Xiangyang, College of design, Jiangnan University, Professor
  • President: Hu Xiao, Secretary-General of IXDC
  • producer: Zhang Yunbin, Deputy Secretary General of IXDC


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