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    Toby BottorfContinuum InnovationVice President

From Product to Experience – Audi’s story

Session S12
Date 07-01
Start Time 16:48
End Time 17:06
Type Keynote speech

Consumer trends—especially with Gens Y and Z—point to people placing more value on service experiences over product ownership. No doubt that would present an interesting conundrum to many companies, and manufacturers in particular: how could you expand your reach and market share? What kind of service should you provide, and how could the service model be made profitable?

Audi recently collaborated with Continuum to solve the exact same challenge. By providing an APP that allows the user to order a ‘car delivery’ of their favorite Audi model anytime and anywhere, Audi successfully pioneered a new service that allow users to enjoy an authentic and unmediated Audi experience.

Using in depth case studies from Audi-On-Demand and premium financial services providers in America, Toby Bottorf, the VP of Service Design at Continuum Innovation, will explain how your brand can emerge victorious in similar business challenges.

Target Audience:
Product and service designers, Design strategists, Marketing and Product development leaders.

Benefit for Participants:
1.Participants will understand the translation challenges that some with moving from product to service experiences.
2.Participants will learn the skills and outlook needed to develop services, and how to move from developing digital products to more holistic service systems.
3.Participants will discover the crucial value of contingency design, or designing for less-than-optimal conditions.


  • Audi AG hired Continuum to help them develop and launch a new mobility offering.
  • Caption for Bottorf_2_video.jpg Toby Bottorf explains in this video how designers must think about m
  • Caption for Bottorf_3_workshop.jpg Service experiences must be mapped out into a complete blueprint
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