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    Yang RuiIntelUX manager

    From 2012-now, healthcare UX designs manager at HSS group of Intel, China.
    From 2010-2012, worked for GEHC, HCIT as product strategy researcher, paid more efforts on healthcare digital product strategy research, and especially focused on Mobile healthcare solution.
    From 2007-2010, as leader of interaction design of GEHC, HCIT China, responsible for UX design management and healthcare UX solution.
    From 2005-2007.10, as senior designer, worked for SIEMENS Research China to focus on interaction design and research of healthcare / industrial automation product.
    In 2005, Yang Rui received a doctorate of arts in Tsinghua University.
    In the earlier, she ever studied for MA degree and Bachelor degree at JIANGNAN University in Jiangsu Province.

Design innovation in the aging society

Session F14
Date 07-19
Start Time 14:00
End Time 17:00
Type workshop

In next 25 years, The development rate of China aging population will show an accelerative trend. The number of over 65 years of age in China will surpass Japan’s, and China will become the world’s most aged society in 2030. Further, by 2050 China’s older population will likely swell to 330 million, or a quarter of its total population.  

China is rapidly getting older. How can design innovation help in the aging society? How about design strategy for aging society? What are the key aging design principles and methods?  As designer, we need to meet new challenge to develop systematic theory /methods of aging design based on lots of design practices and deep thinking.

This workshop will explore aging design ideas /methods and principles with participants. It will introduce a sets of classic cases of aging design also, some of them are the practices cases Intel company developed on a global scale.  The shared methods and unique principles will be benefit for designer and UX researcher who haven’t too much experience in aging design area.  Except that, not limited to aging design itself, the speaker like to further explore aging industry opportunity and potential opportunity for local aging market through open communicating with participants.


In the interactive discussion session, participants will panel discuss the solution opportunities. Every small group will explore 1-2 design concept solution to solve key pains elder people met today or tomorrow.

Allocation of all links:

1.Lecture session

2.Interactive discussion session

3.Team presentation

Target Audience:

Designer ,UX research ,aging market researcher

Benefit of attendance:

1.For designer and researcher, they will understand general principle / theory and methods of aging design which will guide daily design work directly  

2.For all participants , it will broad their horizons as well through knowing classic aging design cases and practices

3.For senior manager, capture new innovation way to develop aging solution


  • Customized device solution for nurse to use (2012)
  • Game-like automation software design (2007)
  • UX design of converter’s operation panel (2006)
  • Mobile phone design for female ---paper cut series (2004)
  • Cook bar ---concept solution of self-help cooking service space (2002)
  • Cook bar ---concept solution of self-help cooking service space (2002)
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