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    Traci ThomasMAYA DesignDesigner,Researcher

    Traci Thomas is a designer and researcher in the Human Sciences Group at MAYA. She works with a broad range of clients to facilitate innovation and create meaningful user experiences at the intersection of people, technology, and environments. A sampling of these clients includes the IRS, Highmark, Emerson, GE and the Pittsburgh Zoo. Traci has working internationally notably in Paris, France as a marketing and client service professional for a French bank. Having an insatiable curiosity about the world, she believes the power of design and innovation is rooted in the deep understanding of people and taking a systems approach in designing user-centered solutions. She plans and leads research engagements to uncover users tacit and latent needs and translates them into actionable insights and solutions.

    Traci graduated from the Institute of Design in Chicago with a degree in design research and strategy and where she developed a strong interest in service design. Service design creates memorable stories by curating multiple interactions within a service across different touch points into meaningful user experiences. This interest led to various pursuits including co-founding the Chicago Service Design network, the first service design chapter founded in the U.S., bringing awareness to the service design discipline. Traci was also a key contributor of the book 101 Design Methods: A Structured Approach for Driving Innovation in Your Organization by Vijay Kumar.

Service Design: The Future of Work

Session F13
Date 07-19
Start Time 14:00
End Time 17:00
Type workshop

The nature of work is changing drastically. Some driving factors that are influencing this change are globalization/outsourcing and new digital technologies. Corporations are increasingly becoming more global enterprises and more people are opting to be freelance “entrepreneurial” workers. New digital technologies now allow greater connectivity and more flexibility for work to happen anywhere.

This creates an interesting opportunity space for businesses to consider new products and services to support this new way of working.

In this workshop, we will explore the challenges and dynamics of the global work environment and how we can innovate around the future of work. We will use human-centered design methods to be divergent in our thinking, narrow in on key product and service concepts, and develop them in more detail. We will generate ideas from the end consumer/employee (front-stage) and business (back-stage) perspectives.

Allocation of all links:


-Facilitator introductions

-Overview of agenda

-Present the innovation challenge and target personas

2.Creative Matrix

The creative matrix is a format for sparking new ideas at the intersection of distinct categories

-Teams will use a creative matrix to generate many, new wide ranging solutions for the opportunity space

3.Importance/Difficulty Matrix

We will vote on the most promising concepts and prioritize them using an importance difficult matrix, which plots the idea’s value to the user and the difficulty to implement.

4.Concept Posters

The concept poster is a method for illustrating and communicating the main idea of a concept. Teams will synthesize and advance their ideas using this method. Teams will present their concepts to the rest of the group and we’ll vote on the top ideas.

5.Wrap-Up & Discussion

Facilitators will lead a discussion with the group about human-centered design, the methods we used, and answer any questions.

Target Audience:

Interaction designers, product managers, user researchers, operators, service designers, etc.

Benefit of attendance:

Hands-on practice with design methods from idea generation to concept development, Generative exploration, Understanding design as a holistic practice


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