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    lin qinETU DesignFounder,CEO

    Co-founder of ETU Design,Co-founder and the first Chairman of UPA CHINA,Visiting scholar of City University of New York,Master of Design Management of Polytechnic University of Milan,Director of Shanghai Industrial Design Association,Director of Interaction Design Committee.
    Fifteen years of expertise in user experience research industry; used to be engaged in user experience research and design in Motorola, Lenovo, UTStarcom and other well-known enterprises.
    Established ETU in 2004 and devoted to seeking corporate business goals and the transformation of social form; achieved short-term and long-term commercial goals of enterprises through user experience.

    Parts of previous projects:
    Midea user experience design organization innovation.
    Entertainment culture planning for Changning District of Shanghai .
    Enhancement in internal system user experience of Bank of Communications .
    Improvement in PICC network channel user experience .
    User experience improving projects of Ping An Insurance, Securities, Caifubao.
    Planning and Improvement in multi-channel user experience of SF-Express.

Redefine the User eXperience

Session S2
Date 07-17
Start Time 13:30
End Time 13:48
Type workshop


我们一开始和技术部门谈用户体验,让他们能够考虑用户体验,给设计多一些空间; 之后我们和产品经理谈用户体验,希望在规划产品的时候考虑产品对用户的核心价值;在之后我们和公司管理层谈用户体验,探讨和制定用户体验在企业中的定位和价值;现在我们开始和有关部门谈用户体验,旨在帮助城市化的过程中能让民众有更高的参与感。






  • 重新定义用户体验
  • 从心定义用户体验
  • 美的集团用户体验咨询
  • 一号专车品牌与用户体验升级
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