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    Alex CastellarnauDropboxHead of Design

    Alex has dedicated his professional life to helping organizations unlock their potential through user-centered design and the power of inquiry. Most recently he’s been doing this at Dropbox as design manager overseeing a team of 75 designers divided among three studios: User Research, Brand Design and Interaction Design.

    Previous to his experience at Dropbox, he worked for IDEO as a creative director for seven years. Throughout his career, Alex has led strategic innovation endeavors for a multitude of organizations and industries. These industries have spanned sectors as diverse as financial services, health and wellness, entertainment, transportation, work productivity, professional services, consumer goods, education and others.

    Alex believes user-centered design is about leveraging inquiry and empathy to explore the edges; about exploring what an organization is not in order to discover untapped sources of value; and about turning observations into prototypes to challenge existing paradigms, not just to validate. These explorations are highly uncertain, are both logical and emotional, and are about turning small learnings into a culture of continuous adaptation — and not about finding that silver bullet.
    When not immersed in a project, you can find Alex hiking with his wife somewhere in Northern California or, when the season comes, avidly hunting for mushrooms.

Enabling a Culture of Design Within an International Company

Session S7
Date 07-17
Start Time 15:10
End Time 15:28
Type keynote speech

They key to any company that aspires to design memorable user experiences starts by designing and building the best design team. What are the ingredients any company should consider when building their design capability will be the core subject of this talk.

Target Audience:

Heads of product;Designers working or wanting to work in companies;Heads of design

Benefit for Participants:

1.Learn they key to success to create a design team

2.As designer realize what it takes to be part of design team inside a company

3.How to ensure design is core to defining the future of a company

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